Benefits of using Smart Glass at Home

By: | August 18 , 2022
Switchable Smart Glass

Even if the term smart glass might not ring bells in your head, most of you must have encountered smart glass somewhere in your day-to-day lives. Although glass is widely used on windows and doors, be it in your house, office or a restaurant, smart glass is something which is conspicuous by its absence. This is because of its unique ability to change the transparency of the glass by switching between transparent and translucent at just a flick of a button.  Also called as Electrochromic glass, smart glass lends incredible convenience, is simple to operate and has a host of environmental benefits as well. Here are some of the most important benefits of using smart glass.

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  1. Helps Maintain Privacy
    • One of the major advantages of smart glass is the instant privacy it confers upon the user. As soon as electricity is supplied to the glass, the glass turns from transparent to translucent creating instant and precise privacy control. Additionally, they are also sound-proof and helps cut noise levels considerably which goes a long way in reducing stress levels.

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  2. Glare Reduction
    • Smart glasses help in reducing the strain on the eyes as the light is absorbed by the glass rather than reflecting that back on the eyes of the onlooker.
  3. Blocks UV Rays
    • Unlike traditional glass, smart glasses have exceptional built-in optical qualities which block and deflects nearly 99.5% of the harmful sun rays without even needing to be activated. This not only helps protect individuals but also the furniture which tends to fade and damage pretty easily due to prolonged exposure to the dangerous UV rays.
  4. Energy Savings
    • Owing to the absorption of light and heat, it helps save on massive electric bills as it aids in keeping the house cool thus saving you a whole lot of money otherwise spent on air-conditioning. Similarly during winters, because they keep out the cold and dampness and prevent warm air from escaping, you end up using less electricity which has a positive impact on your energy bills.
  5. Easy Cleaning
    • Unlike traditional windows which mandate regular cleaning and maintenance, smart windows are dust-free and just needs to wiped-down occasionally. Additionally, you don’t need to spend on curtains and blinds to cover the windows anymore since you can control the level of privacy you want via the actual window controls.This, in turn, also frees you from the responsibility of regular washings and cleaning as well.

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  6. Durable
    • Smart glass is made out of extremely sturdy and high-quality materials which make it extremely robust and long lasting. This makes them long lasting and resilient and it’s highly unlikely you will ever have to change your window glass ever again.
  7. Watch Yourself
    • One of it’s more creative usages is its ability to double up as a projection screen and acts as a mirror when turned off.
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