Solar Savings Calculator

Estimate savings on your monthly electricity bill as per your budget, area and capacity.
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Solar Calculator - Output, Energy, Power & Cost as per Size

Installing solar panels is a huge step towards consumption of clean energy. Hence, it is crucial to know what you’re getting into, and its benefits. You will need inspection and the experts will provide you more information about the specific capabilities of your property. However, this free solar calculator can aid to compare several size arrays, check the potential savings, and help to make the best decisions with your investment related to solar panels.

For setting up a solar panel, it is first necessary to determine the approximate amount of your energy consumption. This consumption detail helps to determine the capacity of the solar panel. The selection of the solar panel size will depend on the capacity of the solar cell needed. The solar panel calculator helps to calculate the output when installing a solar panel of specific wattage.

Solar Panel Output:

Each and every solar panel is different. So, to have an idea about the output, check out below-stated facts:

Solar panel size calculator aids to calculate the size of panels you will need to generate electricity for your property. The size range of domestic systems is from 1 kilowatt (kW) to 5kW.

Typically, a 1 KW system can generate approximately 850kW units per year. Likewise, a 2kW system produces around 1,700kW units and a 5kW system creates 4,500kW units.

Generally, a typical 3-bedroom house consumes on an average 3,000kW units in a year. Thus, a 4kW or 5kW system can cover all electricity requirements.

The average-sized solar panel generates 265 watts under direct sunlight and takes up 17.6 square feet area of your property. This means a solar panel can create 15 watts per square foot, approximately. This solar panel output calculator can help you determine the size of the panels you need to utilize solar energy for your whole property.

Solar Energy Calculator:

This solar calculator helps to calculate the energy output given by


Where E is the total energy output obtained by installing a solar panel which has an area of A meter square, the r is the efficiency of the solar panel and H is the annual average solar radiation obtained with a performance ratio of PR.

Some solar power calculators offer the option of entering a specific model of solar panel. Along with the model, you can enter the square footage of the panel coverage on the roof in some solar system calculator.

The Solar Energy Calculator estimates your savings on the fuel bill. Also, this solar power system calculator can estimate the payments that you could receive from the Feed-in Tariff (FITs) scheme. With such calculators, you can have an idea about your financial benefits from a solar or Photovoltaic (PV) system installed on your property.

The solar PV calculator considers that you have a Feed-in Tariff eligible PV installation. Also, it assumes that you are eligible for the tariff suggested in the results. Depending on the information you provide, this calculator gives you estimates of your financial benefits.

In the recent years, the cost of solar panels has reduced to encourage the use of solar energy and energy independence. Solar panel cost calculator helps you determine the price you will have to pay for the solar panels based on a number of assumptions, size and information that you provide.

Some manufacturers offer calculators where you have to simply put the values in the given columns, and then click the button which calculates cost, power and other important things for you. Generally, there are some common values in such calculators are already added for your convenience. Most of these calculators give value depending on your region. Hence, it becomes necessary to select your region where you live to estimate the amount accurately.