Wood cladding is a popular finish for both interior and exterior walls as the natural appeal, durability and versatility of wood help set it apart from other alternatives. They can help add warmth and timeless appeal to any structure while also providing a sustainable option over alternative finishes.

Whether you opt for an interior wooden cladding or exterior wooden cladding, you’re opting for a material which is not only renewable and biodegradable but also requires less energy to be produced. This, in turn, helps you reduce the carbon footprint as well. Moreover, wooden cladding lends a classiness and sophistication to your interiors and exteriors while also providing a flexibility, natural resilience, high strength and ease of handling which no other material can boast of. Through this blog, we will take a look at some of the most popular interior and exterior wood cladding designs. This wooden wall’s rich, smooth, and contemporary feel help set this house, a class apart. Moreover, the interiors are accentuated with rich shaded tones that give the interiors enormous appeal.

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This stunning wood facade stands out with an elegant poise while its rustic, dark and natural look gives this house character, depth, gravity, and interest that no paint can possibly replicate.

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This natural wood bamboo cladding helps brings the necessary visual weight necessary to elevate the interiors while also making it look as substantial as its style. The wide bamboo also brings an additional depth to the design. This house’s exterior wood cladding has an endlessly fascinating blend of grains, textures, patterns and tones thus offering a totally unique take on exteriors. The irregular edges given to it by the cladding's varying lengths gives it a natural organic effect. When your house has multiple levels, the last thing it needs is varied colours and exterior styles as well to add to the confusion. Rustic contemporary exteriors are growing in popularity across the country. Seen here, the plain wood cladding helps add a new dimension to the building while emphasising the clean lines of this home.

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When you picture a cabin in the woods, you’re likely visualising something with natural, rustic appeal. Walls covered in vertical wood slats or panels, enhance the interiors giving it a sense of airiness while also giving the space the worn-in look and the charming feel of a cabin nestled in the woods. This reclaimed wall cladding helps bring an earthy edge to the interiors. Moreover, it helps create a stylish contrast between the ceiling and the wall while also showing off variations in gorgeous wood thus giving the whole scene a cohesive look.

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There’s no better way to show off your home than the living room. In this simple yet elegant living room, the wooden walls perfectly complement the stimulating furniture and glossy tiles in ways that feel fresh and inventive. Vertical wooden slats and stone grey furniture makes for a win-win scenario while also evoking a sense of underlying sophistication, elegance and warmth. The long, flat, clean lines of the wood cladding can help catch the most discerning eye.

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Walls of thin horizontally lined natural wood give the exteriors a completely bespoke look while also reminding you the perks of surrounding yourself with simple, natural materials. The exceptional wood cladding gives the whole exterior design a crisp, smooth look that invites you right inside.