6 Must Have Kitchen Accessories for Your Modular Kitchen

By: | September 29 , 2022
modular kitchen accessories

Know the modern kitchen accessories to blend perfectly with your modular kitchen

The kitchen accessories are very much essential to support the diverse styles of cooking. Moreover, they also add an elegant look to the kitchen. With the modular kitchen accessories, cooking can be a delightful pleasure for the individuals. The selection of the kitchen accessories must be done during the renovation work itself.
In this article, you will know about some of the different kitchen accessories that will complement your kitchen.

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    1. Organized Cutlery trays

      The well-organized cutlery trays must be available in the form of drawers to store the cutlery items in it. Most of the time, cutlery storage becomes chaos in the kitchen. Therefore storing all the cutlery in three levels or four-level drawers right beside your cooking area will be a convenient idea. During the renovation work, you can customize it to be a big or small compartment depending upon your count of cutlery items.

      You can store knives, tongs, forks, spoons, spatulas, and other such items here. The only reason for which the cutlery tray is not recommended under the main cooking hob is the hassle caused during cooking work. Continuous use of cutlery drawers will disturb the flow of cooking.

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  1. Pull-out baskets

    You can also customize pulling drawer baskets to accommodate plates and other big cutlery items. These drawer pull-outs are different from that of cutlery organizers. It is one of the essential kitchen accessories that allow you to store big things around in the kitchen. The pull-out drawers open entirely to give the users full accessibility to all the items present inside it.

    But make sure that you determine the loading capacity right during the renovation of your modular kitchen accessories. You cannot overload the drawers with heavy items. So, fill these pull-out drawers only with the stuff that they are designed for, such as plates, glass, and others. Please do not use or handle these drawers roughly as it will deteriorate the hinges and the hydraulic hardware of the pull-out baskets.

  2. Bottle Baskets

    The bottle baskets are another such essential accessory, just like the cutlery organizers. The bottle pull baskets are explicitly designed with grills and levels for storing the bottles with cooking essentials such as cooking oils, spices, vinegar, and others. These bottle baskets are not cooling chambers, and therefore, the bottles that require cold temperature cannot be stored here.

    The bottle baskets are narrow in width as they do not need to consume more space in the kitchen. The bottle baskets must be placed right near the cooking hob to give better assistance in cooking. Due to its narrow width, it will not bother the person during cooking. The hardware used in the bottle baskets is made up of stainless steel to make it resistant to corrosion or rust for longevity.

  3. Tall storage units

    If you have ample space in your kitchen, then go for fixing a tall storage section at one corner of your kitchen. The tall storage units can take up a lot of stuff at a single place and is more of a pantry where you can store all your cooking essentials. It is especially meant for storing Flour, Rice, spices, sugar, salt, and all other cooking stocks. You can also use it as your inventory to store the packet goods that do not get expired soon.

    The tall storage units are meant to utilize the maximum storage space. If your kitchen is small for constructing a double panel tall storage unit, then you can go for a single panel to store the goods. Not only the grocery stuff, but you can also store the big cooking utensils. If you want to store them, then you need to make adequate space in the compartments.

  4. Corner Drawer units

    The corner drawer units are also important modular kitchen accessories. It is usually used for storing the dining utensils. If you have a kitchen with U-shape or L-shape corners, then the corner drawer units add an elegant look to the kitchen without eating up much space in your kitchen. The corners are usually neglected and are of no use in most of the kitchens. So, it is better to get it renovated with the addition of Corner units to organize the kitchen to make it look appealing.

  5. Under Sink drawers

    might need a sink in your kitchen to wash the stained utensils. It is a better idea to get a drawer right under the sink with all the cleaning solutions. You can store the washing clothes, bars, liquid soaps, and others. It will help you to get easy access during your morning cleaning sessions.

    These are a few of the modular kitchen accessories that you must have to keep your kitchen sorted and organized to make cooking enjoyable.

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