4 Types of Flooring For Kitchen.

By: | November 03 , 2022

The kitchen is the central point of any home. It is a room where you cook family meals a day in and day out. This means that it is the busiest area of the home with a high footfall, dropped and spilled ingredients, dropped dishes, washed dishes dripping water, detergent spills, etc. therefore, it is important that you give enough consideration to these factors when you are considering material for kitchen flooring.

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The Factors that Should Influence the Choice

When you are installing kitchen floors for your new house or redoing or renovating your kitchen flooring, you should choose the material for renovating the kitchen giving due importance to the following features to ensure that you have the best flooring for your kitchen.

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1. Style

The style on which your kitchen design is centered such as modern, traditional, contemporary, etc, would play a huge role in the choice of the material for the flooring. But, you may consider certain elements such as size, existing colors, materials available as well as textures to choose a kitchen flooring that suits the style well but is also to your liking. You may want it to be of a neutral type or one that serves as a focal point. therefore, style and personal preference are the factors that should influence the choice of flooring material.

2. Lifestyle

The style of cooking you are used to would be the next deciding factor. You have got to be aware that if you spill sauces, dips, etc, you are the one who is going to clean it up. Also, how often you would be cleaning it up as well as having a non-slip flooring surface, if you have children and elders at home are also considerations that could affect the selection of flooring material.
Comfort- Wooden flooring causes less fatigue when compared to tile floors in which you might find it hard to stand for a long time which you would surely have to do when you are cutting vegetables and cooking a meal to perfection. You may also consider kitchen floor materials with softness and resilience if you have to run from one end to the other during the busy hours of cooking to protect your foot.

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3. Cost

This is definitely an important consideration. It will assume greater importance as the size of the kitchen increases. As the size increase, even small changes in price may affect the budget allotted for the kitchen in a big way. similarly, when you select flooring with resilience, you must consider the cost of underlayment as well. Also, the cost of the flooring material, the installation charges as well as the finishing have to be considered. In the case of renovation, the cost of disposing of the removed flooring is also a consideration.

Look at the type of flooring options for the kitchen.

The best kitchen flooring options are quite wide. The kitchen flooring types include

Kitchen laminate flooring

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1. Kitchen laminate flooring

As far as using a vinyl sheet or luxury vinyl plank, which is the latest kitchen flooring option is concerned, there seems to be a mixed opinion. They are mostly preferred for their soft and resilient surface which can be really soothing to your feet when you are moving around in the kitchen while those who are not for it cite water as a mortal enemy for these sheets. But, you can take solace in the fact that water or moisture does not affect the topmost thin sheet of the vinyl sheet, but only affects the laminate core. This means that you can take care to avoid water from getting there. Another disadvantage cited for the use of laminate planks is that it cannot be reworked but has to be replaced. But, since, it is easy to replace a vinyl plank, it cannot be considered as a disadvantage. The floor vinyl laminates are indeed a budget-friendly and comfortable option for kitchen flooring.

Cork flooring

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2. Cork flooring

This is a highly eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen flooring option. It is slip-resistant, safe, and easy to walk on. The cellular structure it features makes it moisture resistant too. The chances for discoloration and the need to seal it up once every 3-4 years are the disadvantages as far as this flooring option is considered.

Hardwood flooring

3. Hardwood flooring

It is good flooring to have in terms of durability and aesthetic appeal. But, it is one of the kitchen floor ideas meant for heavy-budget homes. The ability to withstand high levels of foot traffic, moisture-resistant properties as well as the transition it provides for open-concept homes are the advantages of using this type of flooring.

natural stone tile

4. Porcelain Tile/ natural stone tile

Porcelain and natural stone tile for flooring make the floor water-resistant and stain-proof. The stole resembles a natural stone like granite marble but is quite cheaper than natural stone. It is durable and strong but, it poses difficulty if you have to stand on it and work for a long time. The greatest disadvantage, however, is that it does not slip-resistant.

Choose one of the latest kitchen flooring options that are commonly used giving due importance to the factors you should consider, the properties of the flooring options as well as your budget.

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