Traditional Indian Kitchen Design & Ideas

By: | September 29 , 2022

The kitchen is the place that a homemaker spends a lot of time. It is important that it is warm and classic. Traditional style is considered to be the best way to design a kitchen. But, the term traditional here does not mean an old-world design. It includes the use of soft and muted colors as well as an eclectic combination of styles to present a design that appeals to all ages and all types of personalities. The traditional kitchen ideas should revolve around those grounds.

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Elements of Traditional Kitchen Design

The elements that make the traditional kitchen that is up to date in style include

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

This refers to a ceiling that is created with coffered panels. They are actually sunken panels that are attached to a dropped grid that is suspended. This would actually create a lighter feel to the room. It would look like a new ceiling with depth and add architectural interest to space. The coffered ceiling crowns the traditional look of a home and is capable of creating a spacious layout and a sunny atmosphere creating a space ideal for cooking and gathering.

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painted cabinetry

Painted cabinetry

The painted cabinetry and the color used for the same has a role to play in determining how space looks and feels. Since the cabinets usually occupy a large area of the visual space, it is important to choose colors with care. The factors you should consider while choosing the color include

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  • Style of the cabinet- The colors that are generally considered to be compatible with the traditional style include creams and white.
  • Size-The size of the kitchen will influence the color choice. care must be taken to ensure that the color of the cabinet enhances and does not oppress the kitchen. Light-colored cabinets are for small kitchens to give a well-lit and bright feeling for an underlit kitchen while the darker color would be befitting for cabinets in a bigger area that is well-lit.
  • Own use/ selling- while it is quite right to choose the color you like for your kitchen, if you are planning to sell the property in short time use of neutral colors is suggested.
  • Creating acceptable contrast- you can make contrasts to work to your advantage. You could try pairing black cabinets with light kitchen design.

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Opting for stain, multiple colored cabinets, and distressed finish cabinets are other ways in which color can be used as an important element in the kitchen. Also, blue is an important color choice that falls under the traditional style.

Kitchen cabinets with a glass-front

Kitchen cabinets with a glass-front- This style clearly is a marker of the traditional style kitchen. The glass front cabinets not only give you the opportunity to showcase the favorite and expensive dishes, for public view but also lets in natural light that is quite refreshing.

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Detailing that is customized- Detailing aspects that are truly a matter of personal choice that offers scope for interesting details and embellishments is one of the elements that clearly brings out the traditional kitchen design.

countertops kitchen

Fine details- The rich countertops usually made of natural stones like marble or granite and classy marble flooring of contrasting colors especially white and black are elements that exude traditional style kitchen design.

Use of architectural styles

Use of architectural styles- A traditional kitchen design has to be naturally influenced by anyone or many of the architectural styles. How authentically it matches the style would determine the success of the traditional Indian kitchen design.

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Use of kitchen island

Use of kitchen island- Traditional style aims at making even the kitchen that is meant for a lot of activity seem like a cozy room within a home. In these lines, a customized kitchen island adds to the elegance and the traditional nature of the kitchen design.

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Traditional kitchen of modern

Traditional kitchen of modern times- Though there are a number of gadgets that are part of a modern kitchen, the kitchen design could be made to seem traditional by surrounding the professional and modern gadgets with a hearth-like surround.

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Kitchen ideas in India

The kitchen space is no becoming more and more functional. It is a well organized space that allows for cooking fast and it also serves other purposes such as breakfast corner, party spot etc. the most common varieties of the kitchen in Indian homes include

L shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchen- The l shaped kitchen is considered to be a space saver these kitchens are believed to bring a perfect balance between the counter space, walking is and storage space. All these are packed within a small area.

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minimal style kitchen

The classic or minimal style kitchen- this is suitable for all types of spaces- small and large. This type of kitchen is impressive to look at and the island style counter meant for cooking using the stove and the breakfast table in the corner make it a complete space in which you can add a traditional touch.

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Old brick style

Old brick style- This natural design style is trendy and traditional rolled into one. old looking wall painting style and spotted flooring are features that contribute to enhancing the style of the cooking area.

Traditional kitchen cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets

Having dealt with elements of traditional kitchen design and traditional kitchen ideas, it is time now to consider the traditional kitchen cabinets and the features that make them so.

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Bin style handles

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Custom character- Adding elements like Bin-style handles, glass-front cabinetry with sanded edges and minimum upper cabinets are features that can make the cabinets convey a traditional feel.

open and closed cabinets

A mix of open and closed cabinets- A mix of open and closed cabinets especially in white allowing practical storage for cutting boards as well as cherished antiques can be made to feature a traditional look using crown molding.

custom cabinet

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Classic clean lines- This refers to the arrangement of the cabinets that spell symmetry and functionality. This style is marked by custom cabinet stretches in the bottom and symmetrical yet custom cabinetry stretches up to the ceiling aiding the storage of appliances.

glass front cabinet doors

Details – Elaborate mill work on the cabinet doors, the ethereal shade of paint and glass-front cabinet frame provide depth and traditional feel to the otherwise, ordinary cabinets.

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Built-in cabinets- Built-in cabinets provide a narrow silhouette That would be befitting for a traditional kitchen that is small in size. It would provide space for storage without taking up much space on the floor. The glass-front cabinet doors, as well as the inset panel doors, are the additional features that can contribute to the traditional look of the kitchen.

design colored cabinate

Colors- As mentioned earlier in the elements of design colored or painted cabinets are capable of infusing a traditional feel into the kitchen. the choice of colors and the factor that could influence the choice of colors have already been dealt with in detail in the elements of traditional kitchen design.

Benefits of having a traditional style kitchen

The benefits of having a traditional style kitchen are many. It includes

  • The classy look they feature that people would be drawn to.
  • It is a kitchen style that would never go out of vogue. It would, by all means, remain a popular kitchen style
  • The traditional kitchen is warm and welcoming
  • It can improve the value of the property when you are considering to sell it
  • The neutral materials and the color palettes that mark a traditional kitchen gives it a comfortable feel making it both an area for gathering as well as for cooking.

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