What is Aluminium Extrusion?

    By June 15 , 2016

    Aluminium is one of the most preferred materials for metal extrusion. Its physical properties include malleability and strength. Its light weight make it easy to work with and is an excellent metal for extrusion. It is not as strong and dense as Steel hence alloys have to be added to improve the properties of the finished product.

    • In the Extrusion process the Aluminium Billet is heat to a temperature of 800 -825 F, pressure is then applied by the ram forcing the aluminium with immense pressure through the cross section of the die. The aluminium alloy takes the shape of the cross section of the die. The extruder is kept very well lubricated.
    • Nitrogen gas is inserted into the extruder to create an inert atmosphere which shall prevent the Aluminum from oxidation.
    • The Aluminium Alloy is extruded in long stretches of length.These lengths are cooled and then cut to required sizes.
    • In the final step the Aluminium lengths are further heated in ovens which harden the aluminium.

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