12 Kitchen Organization Ideas & Tips

By: | September 29 , 2022
kitchen organization ideas
Kitchen is definitely one of the important parts of any home and it is the place that will be used every day for cooking and preparing food. If you want to make your cooking or baking experience better in your kitchen, you will need to organise it in a proper way. In most of the homes, there will not be very modern or large size kitchen but still, you can make it more usable and beautiful with a better organisation with some of the excellent ideas. You don’t need lots of money or time when you are looking to enhance the beauty of your kitchen with better management.
If you are also looking for some of the excellent organization ideas for kitchen cabinet, cupboard and countertop, here are some of the best ideas that will definitely work for your kitchen:


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1. Turn the Single Shelf into Double

kitchen shelf risers
In the single shelves in your kitchen, there will be lots of space that is not being used. In this kind of situation, you can definitely use wire shelf-risers that will double up the storage in the shelves and you can definitely utilise the space for your mugs, bowls or dishes.
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2. Stack the Plates

stack plates
If you are looking to organise your plates in a better way for extra safety and better usability, you should definitely go for stacking options. If you are using a good handy plate rack, it will definitely work to save lots of space and it will help to organise the plates in a proper way. It will also protect the plates from any kind of scratches or damages with better management.

3. Using the Sliding Drawer for Pans and Pots

sliding drawer
In most of the kitchens, there is not a comfortable and organised way to store pans and pots and it is definitely one of the messy things in the kitchen. If you are looking for the perfect small kitchen organization ideas, you should definitely use the slide and roll for the storage of pans and pots in the kitchen. It will definitely help to save lots of space and make your kitchen cleaner and well organised.

4. Use of the Overhead Hooks for Mugs

overhead hooks mugs
You always have some of the beautiful designs of marks in your kitchen to enjoy your drinks or coffee every day. However, you always think about the perfect way to store it in the best way. Now, you can definitely save lots of space as well as your time to find the mugs with the use of overhead hooks in the kitchen. On these hooks, you can easily hack the mugs and can use it whenever you want. It also has additional benefits because you can use the hooks to hang the bigger sized utensils like pots and pans.

5. Separate the Utensils in Different Categories

utensil different categories
It is never a good idea to add all the small sized utensils in a big drawer because you will definitely face difficulty to find the specific one whenever you want it. If you are looking for the perfect way to find out the desired utensil without inconvenience, make sure to separate it into different categories in a single large drawer. You can use the separations to divide the drawer into sections where you can group the small utensils for easy usability and better management.

6. Add the Labels to the Bins and Jars

bins and jars
In every kitchen, they will be different kinds of bins and jars for the storage of different ingredients including sugar, flour, salt, baking soda and spices. If you don’t want to face any kind of trouble to select the right jar in the first time, make sure to add the labels on all these jars in the kitchen. It will definitely look better and you will save time to find out the right one.

7. Put the Trash Bin under the Sink

bin under sink
In most of the kitchens, people are unable to find the right solution to place the trash bin where it can be easily used without any kind of extra space. It is true that it will be used every day and you can’t move it outside the kitchen every time. In this situation, make sure to put the trash bin under the sink when it is not being used. You can also add a pull out draw to place the trash bin.


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8. Use of the Deep Drawers

Deep drawers
For the better utilisation of the space, you can definitely think vertically where you can use the promise to put the utensils in standing position. There are lots of utensils in your kitchen that you can definitely organise in a better way by putting in the vertical position in a deep drawer. It will definitely work in a better way for better kitchen organisation.

9. Utilise the Space About your Refrigerator

 refrigerator kitchen
In most of the kitchens, the space above the refrigerator is still and used and you can definitely make it better with the excellent kitchen cabinet organization ideas. You can definitely choose the space above your refrigerator to add the cabinet where you can put lots of things including your less used utensils, jars, bins or even the small-sized appliances. You can definitely divide it into several categories for better utilisation.

10. Use of the Tension Rod to Hang the Cleaning Bottles

cleaning bottles
In your kitchen, there may be several kinds of bottles that you are using for the cleaning or washing of your hands. All these bottles will definitely take lots of space in the kitchen. Now, you can find out the right Idea by hanging all these bottles with attention road in a cabinet. After hanging the bottles, you can definitely use the empty space below it to put several other cleaning products.

11. Group the items by Colour

colour kitchen If you want to enhance the looks of your kitchen interiors in a better way, you can definitely try to group the several kinds of items including the utensils and storage jars according to the colour theme. On the different shelves of your kitchen, you can put the utensils and storage jars according to their colour and it will definitely look more organised and elegant in a proper way.

12. Add the Magnetic Bar for Knives

magnetic bar for knives
You definitely don’t want to face any kind of inconvenience to find out the desired knife to cut the vegetables, fruits or during any other cooking work. Now, you can keep all the knives in front of your eyes by adding a magnetic bar to the wall of your kitchen or side of your cabinet. You can store all the nice and even some of the kitchen utensils on the magnetic strip that will definitely look better and well organised.
If you also want to know that how to arrange small Indian kitchen in a proper way, all these tips and pro ideas will definitely work for you. With all these tips, you will not only get help to save lots of space in your small kitchen but you will definitely make it better looking and it will enhance your cooking experience in the perfect way. You don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience to find any kind of utensil with better organizing.

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