Aluminium Partition Panel in India

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Aluminium Composite Panels Silver by Eurobond

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Mumbai, Maharashtra


Aluminium Partition Panel by G.M.Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

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By : G.M.Alloys Pvt. Ltd.

Delhi, Delhi

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By : National Inc.

Gurgaon, Haryana

Aluminium Partition Panel by 4Mann ACP

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By : 4MANN Industries Pvt Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra


Aluminium Partition Panel by Mapl Alu Panel (MAPL)

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By : Mapl Alu Panel (MAPL)

Himatnagar, Gujarat


ACP Partition Panel by Aluco Composite India Pvt Ltd

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Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Aluminium Partition Panel by Adnate Build Trade

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Aluminium Partition Panel by Buildeasy

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AD-12 Yellow

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By : Aludecor Lamination Pvt Ltd

Kolkata, West Bengal


Aluminium Partition Panel

Partition panels are vertical walls like structure used to create separation in a room, buildings or any enclosed space. Partition panels are available in different materials. Wood, aluminum, and glass are the most common material used in the manufacturing of partition panels. Generally, partition panels are manufactured as non -load bearing walls.

Aluminum partition panels are simple in nature and economically. They are quite popular and widely used in household and offices. The main reason for using partition panels is to create different areas within a single floor. In addition to aluminum, partition provides privacy to inhabitants.

Features of Aluminum partition

Properties of aluminum are uniquely making it a most desired and versatile building material among designers.

  1. The most important feature of an aluminum partition wall is its ability to resist water. Partition panels made out of aluminum can withstand moisture under most condition.
  2. The main purpose of aluminum partition panels is to provide privacy against sound and light. Panels made out of aluminum provide first hand thermal and sound insulation.
  3. The aluminum property allows the designers to work with it comfortably. It can be designed into any form by giving it a surface finish.
  4. Aluminum is one of the easiest materials to take care of. Its unique property makes it stain free. Further, aluminum partition works can withstand wearing down.
  5. The maintenance cost of aluminum panels is very less. They do not require harsh material to keep it clean, plain water solution is sufficient.
  6. Aluminum partition wall sections can be reused and recycled. The production of aluminum panels does not result in any waste. Aluminum panels are environment-friendly construction material.

Advantages of aluminum panels

  1. The primary advantages of aluminum partition are its ability to divide the whole area into different rooms. Since the aluminum partitions are very thin they do not occupy a whole lot of space.
  2. The next advantage is that aluminum can be mixed with glass and create an interesting pattern. One such example is Aluminum partition with glass which provides the benefits of both the material. Aluminum acts as excellent thermal insulation whereas glass provides an unrestricted view of outside.
  3. The properties of aluminum are such that it can take any form allowing the freedom to create unique designs. Aluminum panels design is eye-catching and beautiful. Aluminum partition system can be custom designed to blend well with the aesthetics of a home or office.
  4. Aluminum partition cost is comparatively low, as they can be made easily. Further aluminum is a light material that can be stored and transported easily.
  5. Aluminum office partition is the best way to create privacy among the employees. Panels can be produced to a specific color and grade to match the style of the workplace.
  6. Aluminum section partition is strong and rigid enough to withstand vibrations due to load.  And also they can easily support sanitary fitting and fixtures.
  7. Aluminum partition has the number of the application; they are used mainly in commercial buildings. Apart from this partition panels made out of aluminum can be found in hospitals, homes, offices and educational institutions.

Aluminum partition manufactures in India

The usage of aluminum frame partition in home and offices is an effective way to create separation. The demand for aluminum partitions has given rise to a number of aluminum manufactures. Interior designers have been increasing using aluminum and glass partition in their designs. These partition panels can be easily bought online from the comfort of your home.

The aluminum partition cost is calculated at square feet; on approximate it ranges between 150 t0 200 rupees per square feet. However, it is recommended that to can take aluminum partition quotations from different designers before making a decision. In fact, you can compare aluminum partition images available online and custom design your every own partition style.