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Aluminium Wooden Finish Window by Smart Interiors & Doors

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Aluminium Windows by Alupro Building Systems

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Aluminium Windows by Solar Innovations

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Aluminium Windows by Royal Aluminium Company

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Aluminium Sliding Windows by Star 9 Aluminium Fab

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Nowadays, technological advancements have enabled us to make use of variety of materials that could increase the aesthetic value of our homes. However, there is only one material that has retained its significance till date and it is aluminium. Since 70’s or 80’s aluminium has been one of the first choices amongst householders. In fact, this material is popular even in commercial buildings too.

Aluminium can offer stability as well as durability to your home. Our homes are a shelter whereby we want security along with aestheticism. Both these qualities can be found in aluminium. They are both trendy, classy and adorned with security features which is not letting down their demands for the last 10 decades.

With so many options we couldn’t decide on the type of materials that can increase comfort of our interiors. When it comes to taste it can be said that there has been a major shift in the choice of homeowners. Earlier, people were more pre-occupied with durability and maintenance factor but nowadays, the focus has shifted towards aesthetic look and lightness.

Aluminium can be called the only material that can both adorn the old building as well as add a contemporary look to any commercial building. It is this diverse range which is making Aluminium windows in Bangalore a personal favourite for each and every person.

A homeowner does not need to add any extra material in aluminium window for holding the glass within the frames. One can get a plethora of options in windows like top-hung, sliding or side-hung windows. The robust property of aluminium is what set it apart from all other types of materials. The common problem which every home owner faces is appearance of rust over the window panes overtime.

If you are living in those areas where sun is the more intense then aluminium can safeguard the windows from getting dull due to harsh sunrays. This is perhaps the most viable reason for the popularity of aluminium windows in Bangalore because the city receives harsh rays of sunlight. Aluminium remains unaffected with the harmful ultraviolet rays and it protects windows from getting rusty. Do you know an amazing fact about aluminium? You can just once install it at your home and take a long breathe of contentment as they are coated with sleek powder which does not require painting after a certain period of time.

Aluminium windows in Bangalore is taking over the market due the reason that the use of this excellent material could reduce your electricity bill as they are energy savers. If you are worried about the cost then you could free yourself for this worry as aluminium windows are available at an affordable price.  Mostly the aluminium is so intricately designed that they are quite flexible. As the aluminium windows are coated with powder so they get an attractive and smooth finish.

Furthermore the aluminium windows in Bangalore is gaining popularity also because the people hardly get any time to maintain their window panes from the outside atmosphere or pollution so, aluminium with its low maintenance quality is chosen by them. 

Aluminium Windows Price List

Types of Aluminium Window

Price List

Rectangular Aluminium Window 

Rs 180 /Square Feet

Glass Aluminium Window

Rs 250 /Square Feet

Aluminium Gray Window

Rs 220 /Square Feet

Aluminium Green Window

Rs 220 /Square Feet

Residential Aluminium Window

Rs 320 /Square Feet

Two Track Aluminium Window

Rs 190 /Square Feet

Aluminium Sliding Window

Rs 225 /Square Feet