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Grace Single Steel Doors by Hi-Guard

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By : Hi-Guard

Shahdara, Delhi

By : Hi-Guard

Shahdara, Delhi

By : Hi-Guard

Shahdara, Delhi

Clean Room Steel Door by Koleshvari Steel Industries

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By : Koleshvari Steel Industries

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Best Steel Doors in India

Steel doors and windows are a unique way to provide a stunning, personalized aesthetic with lifetime durability, making your house or workplace an even better investment. Because they are quite sturdy and powerful security entryways, they safeguard any access. They give your house or business a slightly industrialized appearance while still providing unobstructed views of the exteriors. They are significantly stronger and more secure than standard passageways since they are made out of steel entryways and a frame. 

It is recommended to utilize them for the front and back entrances as they ensure that they are tamper-proof and can withstand the heavier weights of the strong locks. They are made of a two-piece thick metal sheet and a polyurethane foam core. This results in a long-lasting passageway that may be painted or stained to increase a home's energy efficiency, performance, and aesthetic appeal. They can be constructed as per your customization specifications and needs using a variety of steel thicknesses. Steel entrance doors come in a variety of styles, locking mechanisms, and functions that can be used in different places. So, let's have a look at the types of SS doors which you can install as per your requirements: 

Glance at the Types of Stainless steel door

They are critical components in the buildings, industries, and houses and therefore in a market, there are several types of panels that are utilized for different purposes in certain places. These products serve as an accessible barrier within the structure. Let's have a look at its types: 

  • Collapsible Doors: Commonly known as channel gates, they have a channel-type layout and can be opened and closed with a small pull or push. When the size of the entrance is huge and you need to fit it into a small area, a collapsible one is a good option. More crucially, viewing through them is feasible, therefore it is employed when visibility is required. They are commonly used in godowns, windows, public places, elevators, etc.  
  • Mild Steel sheet Door:  Instead of MI sheets, it is composed of corrugated sheets that are welded to the shutter frame. These gates' frames are composed of angle or T-sections, while the shutter is composed of an angle iron frame with at least two verticals and three horizontals. They are more durable than standard wooden, uPVC, and glass panels since they are made of high-quality metal.
  • Rolling shutter Door: When you travel to a market, you will most likely notice this style of entrance installed in the stores. This sort of gate is extremely robust and secure. It is made up of a frame, a drum, and a shutter made of thin steel plates that are linked together. A horizontal shaft is included in the drum to aid in the opening and closing of the shutter. They are frequently used in local stores and offices.
  • Hollow metal Doors: They are made from hollow metal panels. Welding little T or I sections inside the rails and stiles strengthen them. Because of the sturdy metal, they are quite strong and durable. It is mostly utilized in refrigerated stores, warehouses, and industries where security and protection are of utmost importance. The tight-fitting sheet metal adds to its strength.
  • Corrugated Door: They are comparable to mild sheet ones, except that corrugated panels are welded. These products are among the most prevalent types of roll-up gates in use today. They are typically seen in garages and animal shelters. These gates have the benefit of being widely available in a variety of sizes. They can be opened and closed using a push-pull mechanism, a hand chain, or an electric motor.

Comprehensive Study of Key Features of Exterior steel doors

Steel main doors are available in a variety of materials, forms, and sizes. On the other hand, they also provide the most variety and longevity if you want to replace your passageway with a solid, long-lasting choice. Let's study more features to know more about them:

  • Versatile: Whether you want an entryway with glass cut-outs and with an emphasis on fire resistance coupled with other security features, or a solid passageway that complements your house and neighborhood, the ideal metal ones are out there and available. It can serve various purposes as it is quite versatile in nature. 
  • Longer Life: This metal is more resistant to rust, corrosion, and cracking, especially when it is made with top coatings to provide further protection. It is also considerably more robust than aluminum and other metals entryways, so you won't have to worry about hail dents or damage from heavy foot traffic.
  • Resist High Temperature: Heat can damage even the strongest of materials like wood. It can even cause the entrance to seem out of alignment, only for you to restore it just to have it become unaligned as the temperature drops. They can withstand high temperatures with minimal maintenance or problems.
  • Easy to Maintain: In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, they are also simple to maintain. They do not rust or corrode easily unlike other metals. Furthermore, their surfaces are scratch- and stain-resistant as they are easy to clean. You do not need to go through any time-consuming or costly maintenance procedures to keep them in good condition.

The in-depth look at the Advantages of Steel security doors

Steel is extensively used in both industrial and commercial settings, and panels and frames may also be found in supermarkets, schools, and even residences. Because of the additional benefits, most builders and constructors choose them. Consider the following benefits:

  • Prevents burglary: They keep your home safe. Aside from a lower-level window, the front entrance is the most popular point of entry for house burglars. There's virtually little chance that would-be burglars will be able to overcome the tough resistance of a metal entryway. They are robust since it's one of the world's most durable and theft-resistant. Added sheet layers of steel will provide additional strength to these panels. 
  • Less Maintenance: These passageways are ideal for long-term value since typically last for more than 30 years when adequate care is taken. If they do require maintenance or repairs, the prices are frequently substantially lower than those for comparable wooden or upvc panels. They do not peel, bubble, warp, twist, or bend because they do not absorb moisture quickly which makes them low maintenance.
  • High Security: Security is critical in business establishments that handle huge amounts of valuables like cash and other assets. They are far more difficult to manipulate or break down than wooden ones, limiting unwelcome and unlawful entrance to the building's interior. For increased protection, you may also install different locks such as manual, electronic, and automated locks.
  • Easily Customizable: These entryways can be coupled with other structural components such as polishes and color to create the desired décor style. They can be placed with a single or double panel, as well as a movable frame in some cases. For an inconspicuous yet attractive finish, intrinsic motifs can be carved or etched on the surface of this metal. They are a versatile option if you desire a minimalistic yet traditional design.

Popular and well-known Manufacturers Of Steel front doors

There are many brands and manufacturers of Steel double doors in the market which provide a diverse range of options of metal panels and windows. Let's have a look at some of the best-known manufacturers: 

  • Hi-Guard: They are a manufacturer of a large selection of Safety And Security solutions. The products that they supply are well-known for their unrivaled beauty, longer functional life, and optimal resistance to heat and water.
  • Exxon Enterprises: They provide a comprehensive range of home security solutions such as gates, windows, panes, panels, grills, and so on. It is of the utmost significance to them to provide goods of the highest and innovative quality. 
  • Alumill India Private Limited: They have a wide range of product choices, including Bathroom, Emergency Exit, Safety, and Decorative entryways, all of which are developed and built by expert designers and artisans.
  • Windoorkraft Hyderabad: They provide uPVC windows and panels in a variety of sizes and durability thanks to their in-house production facility and professional crew. Because of their world-class standards, they quickly carved themselves into a market niche.
  • Urbandorz: They offer an innovative, long-lasting, and stylish UPVC fenestration solution. It is a group of young professionals that work in a cutting-edge German automated facility that manufactures world-class fenestration items.

Purchase Steel doors for home from McCoy Mart

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Steel Doors Price List Online at McCoy Mart

Types of Steel Doors

Estimated Price

Silver Powder Coated Stainless Steel Door, Single, Thickness:

Approx. Rs 70/ sq ft - Rs 300/ sq ft

Standard White Designer Steel Door, Thickness:

Approx. Rs 90/ sq ft - Rs 390/ sq ft

Steel Door With Wooden Finish 

Approx. Rs 60 /Square Feet - Rs 250 /Square Feet

Silver Stainless Steel Doors for Home, Office, and Commercial

Approx. Rs 40/ Square Fee - Rs 400/Square Feet

White Powder Coated Commercial Steel Door, Single,

Approx. Rs 66/ Square Feet - Rs 500/Square Feet

Swing Stainless Steel Glass Door, For Home

Approx. Rs 70/ Square Feet - Rs 180/Square Feet

Powder Coated Stainless Steel Door, For Office

Approx. Rs 50 /Square Feet - Rs 500/ /Square Feet