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Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet by Kitchen Koncepts

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By : Kitchen Koncepts

Faridabad, Haryana

Exclusive Kitchen Furniture/ Cabinet by Mayur Furnishers

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Kitchen Cabinets by Novopan Industries Ltd.

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets by Chauhan Aluminium House

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Price 700/Sq. Foot
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Kitchen Cabinet by Kitchen Cabinet

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Price 1250/Sq. Foot
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A kitchen renovation does not always mean changing the entire kitchen setup. Instead, sometimes owners want to change the look of the existing kitchen cabinets. Usually, house owners demolish the kitchen as the whole in the name of an upgrade. There are many scenarios in which you can change the look of your kitchen cabinet without replacing much of your kitchen contents. This process refers as refacing. Most of the kitchen cabinets in Faridabad have experienced refacing techniques and given positive feedback about it. Refacing costs surprisingly less when compared to the entire kitchen renovation.

Procedure for Refacing

Refacing can be explained better by saying it is just the replacement of the cabinet skins. The door and drawers will be the same, but the skin will be changed, giving you a fresh new feel. Refacing also includes changing the handles, hinges and the drawer pulls. Except for the structure, everything will provide you with a modern look. In a kitchen renovation, the cost increases due to the change of structure. Many companies deal online and offline in refacing. The necessary changes that are refacing includes are:

  • The cabinet drawers and doors are easy to replace along with their front face keeping the rest structure same.
  • The fronts are covered with new veneer, either thermo foil or natural wood.
  • The sides of the cabinet are installed with new skins to make it look appealing.
  • Refacing includes installation of new drawers and doors.
  • Other small hardware like handles, drawer pulls, etc. is also replaced. If the client wants to use the old equipment, it can be done.  It will save some more cost.
  • Accessories like glass panels, storage, and lighting, are also included in the package.

Kitchen cabinet refacing requires three days. The time needed for the service to complete depends upon the kitchen and cabinet size. The day wise job will include:

  • On the first day, the removal work will be done. Drawers, doors, and other hardware are removed on the first day.
  • Veneering process is done on the second. The cleaning work is done on the same day.
  • New parts installing is done on the third day. New drawers, doors, and hardware are installed. Final adjustments are made on the third.

Not all the cabinets are ready for refacing. Some of the cabinets are old enough for any alterations. Now, this led the custom kitchen cabinets for the entire renovation. Kitchen cabinets manufacturers in Faridabad provide refacing service. They make sure of its durability and strength after the necessary replacements.

Kitchen Cabinets Faridabad Price List

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Price
Wooden Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,250/ Square Feet
Green And White L Shape Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,100/ Square Feet
Classic Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 850/ Square Feet
Brown Modular Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,000/ Square Feet
Modern Kitchen Cabinet Rs 800/ Square Feet
Modern SKF Desor Modular Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,200/ Square Feet
Modern WPC Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,000/ Square Feet