Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards or cabinets are used for storage purposes for string the kitchen accessories, utensils, crockery etc. the cupboards are built in or installed storage units for foods, cooking equipments and appliances. Nowadays, kitchen cupboards are not used only for storage but are also considered as a style statement. Especially in modern modular kitchens, some innovative and fresh cupboard designs are used. 

Modern kitchen cupboards

The cupboards are either floor or wall units. Nowadays, there are some mobile cupboards available for arranging the kitchen in a stylish way. Huge and tall cupboards were used decades ago for storing the huge dishes and high end cooking accessories. Kitchen cupboard design was evolved when built-in cabinetry was introduces. Since then, for cupboard and kitchen storage, cupboards made from wood or laminated material was used.

The modern kitchen cupboards are highly glossy and seamlessly constructed from laminates. The most popular types of cupboard designs were hardwood cupboards, earthy tone cupboards, deep drawers etc.

Some o the modern cupboards are prepared from interesting materials like stainless steel, aluminium, fibreglass, veneer, high gloss laminates etc.

Types of kitchen cupboards for your home

As per the kitchen size and space, different cupboard designs can be installed. The base units, wall and tall units are deep and spacious where kitchen accessories can be easily stored. There are also some speciality units installed for corner storage, sinks/cook tops, bottle racks, appliance garage etc. the cupboards are available as stock cupboards that are commonly available from suppliers, semi custom cupboards that are available in different varieties and you can even get a personal touch and the custom-made cupboards that are completely designed as per the customer’s requirement.

Kitchen cupboard ideas

There are different cupboard ideas available for making your kitchen look elegant and contemporary. Look wise, the framed and frameless cupboards cabinets are traditional but have a great storage space. If you are looking for a personalised style, choose the huge cabinet wooden doors or drawers.

Some of the famous kitchen cupboard designs are the louvered cupboards, panelled shaker cupboards, flat panel cupboards or cabinets, inset cupboards, distressed cabinet style, custom designed cupboards etc.

Kitchen Cupboards Price List

Cupboard style


Wooden louver cupboard

300/sqft – 700/sqft

Decorative laminated veneer cupboards

800/sqft – 1800/sqft

High gloss cupboards

5,000/piece – 40,000/piece

Medium density fibreboard cupboards

5,000/piece – 20,000/piece

Plywood panel cupboards

1500/piece – 6000/piece

Aluminium cupboards

1200/sqft – 200/sqft

Wood veneer cupboard

1300/sqft – 3500/sqft

Steel cupboards

8,000/piece – 40,000/piece