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No matter whether your kitchen is spacious or a little congested, the modular kitchens with a wooden cupboard and cabinet add to the overall charm. Some come in bubbly colors while others are plain and simple, some are modern while others bear a traditional touch, you can choose from a wide range of storage units. Wooden cabinets and cupboards can be complemented with steel racks or glass shelves to make the storage space look classy. Although these cabinets look rustic, they are easy to afford and provide good arrangement for the food and accessories.

Here is a quick look at the popular wood cabinet designs that you can utilize for the kitchen remodelling –

Patterned White Cabinet –These traditional wood cabinets look timeless with the white kitchen interior. You can make them more vintage by installing mesh covering to the interior so that from the outside, it is hard to figure out what is inside!

Bold Colored Cabinet with Simple Design –These minimalist styled open cabinets get natural light and contact of air. Although the items kept in these cabinets tend to get dusty after some time however; in modern wood kitchen designs, these cabinets are hot favorite, thanks to their dark and light contrast of color.

Black Polished Wood Cupboards –Black cupboards have a classiness which complements the kitchen appliances and the countertops. These are closed cupboards with lids and handles to open the door or drawers and have many shelves to keep your spices, sugar and powdered food items safe from contamination. You can also store dishes, ladles, cups, spoons and even wine bottles. In a way, these wooden kitchen cupboards work both as kitchen storage and wine cellar!

Glass Door Cabinets –These have the most convenient wooden cupboard design and are mostly used in kitchen spaces to enhance elegance. With plain glass shelves, you can easily find items in requirement and if you are not so organized, then get patterned glass shelves so that none can make out the contents inside.

Shelved Cabinets –Among the wooden kitchen shelves, these types are very convenient to use as you can store both your cookbooks and kitchen tools like cutlery, crockery and some small appliances here.

Mixed Material Cabinets –With wooden kitchen cupboards, the stainless steel cabinets can add up to the style quotient while you will be able to store different types of items in them. The wooden cupboard doors open outwards with lids while the steel drawers are open with a little push. Store kitchen supplies in the wooden shelves and delicate items like glasses, plates and spoons, knives and forks in the steel drawers.

Hardware Free Wood Cabinets –These solid wood kitchen cabinets are devoid of hinges and knobs. The simplistic design look both rustic and chic at the same time and are equipped with carved handholds. You can store spoons, forks, chopsticks or small bowls and cup-dishes here. These look even better with glass top.  

Shelves To Complement The Interior

While the above discussed wooden kitchen cabinets designs might thrill you altogether, make sure that these cupboards and cabinets match perfectly with the floor and ceiling colors as well as the allover interior. A Distress Kitchen Cabinet never goes with the all steel counter-tops. While choosing wooden kitchen shelves, you should go for contrast colors like Mahogany cupboard which contrasts well with grey or white marbles. You can choose cabinets with glossy finish or matte finish, popping bold color or a distressed color like light blue. The patterns like stained pine, brushed oak etc are also available easily if you are searching for wooden cupboard online.

Verify the wooden cupboard price before buying anything and also ensure whether they match the statement of your kitchen. The maintenance of wood cupboards and cabinets are quite easy and with a sleek look, they are quite organized too.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Price List

Types Of Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Price
Designer Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,500/ Square Feet
Designer Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Rs 1,500/ Square Feet
Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Rs 250/ Square Feet
Teak Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,800/ Square Feet
Real Wood Kitchen Cabinets Rs 1,800/ Square Feet
Kitchen Wooden Modular Cabinet Rs 1,250/ Square Feet