Acrylic Laminate

What is Lamination?

Lamination is an extra protective layer used in construction that is glued on wardrobes, furniture, and cabinets to add extra color and texture. Laminate is made from different types of paper that are pressed together under high pressure. Laminate sheets are available in different textures and thickness based upon where it is applied. Acrylic lamination is a type of finish that given by a manufacturer to laminate sheets.

What is acrylic lamination?

Acrylic laminations are high gloss finish laminated sheets that are used in the interiors of a home. This type of laminated sheets are used to create contrast and as a reflector. Acrylic laminate sheets are used widely by designers to give a fresh and stylish look too boring aspects of your home. Nothing can match the feel and look of acrylic lamination sheets. Acrylic laminates are available in a wide range of color and using an accent color in the interiors of a home makes it pop.

Why use Acrylic Laminate Sheets?

Acrylic laminate sheets are made from quality paper using cutting edge technology. They are durable in nature and known for long life. Though acrylic lamination is a new material in the market, its demand has been increasing. High gloss acrylic laminate India sheets are popular among homeowner; they are widely used in the kitchen area of a home.

The acrylic laminate sheets are attached to good quality core materials like plywood, MDF, particle boards, block boards, cement boards and etc. The laminate sheets can retain their glossy feature for a long time due to the edge treatment it undergoes at the time of the manufacturing process. In addition to this acrylic sheet are solid in nature allowing for easy refinish and repair. Acrylic laminate sheets are waterproof and do not turn yellow when exposed to the sun.

Uses of Acrylic lamination

1.    Acrylic lamination sheets can be used only on plain surfaces. Acrylic laminate countertops are very common uses due to its high starch resistant than that of regular Hi-gloss laminates.  

2.    Acrylic laminate cabinets transform your kitchen by adding a pop of color and texture. The gloss finish of the laminate sheets reflects the ceiling on to the surface.

3.    Acrylic laminate sheets are used in the interior decoration of a home like sound absorption panel, ceiling panels, etc. it is also used in decorating windows and walls to enhance the aesthetic of a home.

4.    Acrylic laminate sheet price is relatively high, but the chemical and flame resistant property of the acrylic sheets makes it ideal to use.

Acrylic V/s laminates Kitchen cabinets

Both the materials have been widely in use to make modular kitchen cabinets from ages. The decision about the material to be used in your kitchen depends on budget, durability and finish. Acrylic laminate sheets give your kitchen a shiny look as finish it is painted. Whereas, laminate sheets are layers of flat paper and resin providing your kitchen with a wood finish look. Tough laminate sheets can give gloss look they cannot match the finish of acrylic sheets. Laminate V/s Acrylic kitchen cabinet difference mainly arise in terms of cost, durability and resistance.

Acrylic Laminate Price List

Types of Acrylic Laminate Price
1mm Acrylic Laminates Rs 2,500/ Piece
Brown Matte Acrylic Laminate Rs 1,980/ Piece
White Acrylic Laminate Rs 2,800/ Piece
Trend Acrylic Laminates Sheet Rs 2,300/ Piece
High Gloss Acrylic Laminate Rs 1,950/ Piece