Marble Series Wall Panels by Alstrong

Marble Series Wall Panels by Alstrong

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Alstrong Zinnia™ Technology is ideal for providing all kinds of panel surfaces with long lasting durability, innovative designs and other host of features. Panels are passed through multiple rounds of processing using Zinnia™ Technology to achieve the highest levels of performance.

Panels are pre-coated using photosensitive fluoro carbon agents and are subsequently cured using Ultra Violet rays. This helps panels gain improved durability, excellent surface finish, zero defects, stronger surface bond and enhanced impact resistance.

Zinnia™ is also eco-friendly as it excludes the emission of any environment unfriendly Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCs).


  • Solvent Resistant
  • Easy To Clean
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Long Life
  • Anti Inscets
  • Sound Insulation
  • Water Proof
  • Fire Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Double Hardened
  • Impact Reistant
  • Optimal Light Fastness
  • Extremely Weather Fastness
  • Easy to Install
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Physical Properties Test Method Unit Alstrong Wall Panels
Standard Weight 10 MM   Kg/m. 14.8
Apparent Density (Dry) ISO 8336/ IS 14862 Kg/m. >1500
Impact strength 10 MM ASTM D 256 Kg/m. 12
Thermal Conductivity at 50 ºC (Mean Temperature) ASTM C 518 W/(m.k) 0.163
Acoustic Insulation 10 MM BS 2750 dB 35
Moisture Content – at EMC   % 6 – 8
Adhesion/Lamina Bond Strength ASTM D 1037 Mpa, N/mm. 2.1

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