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Solar Generator by ASUN

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Solar Generator by Shivam Photovoltaics Pvt. Ltd.

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Solar Generator by Selco Solar Light (P) Ltd

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Bangalore, Karnataka

McCoy Mart

Solar Generator by RayKonnect

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Solar Generator by Jakson Limited

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Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Solar generator is poles apart from a conventional fuel powered generator. This is because a solar generator uses sun’s radiation to provide electricity instead of a fossil fuel. A solar generator consists of solar battery, battery charger and an inverter. The solar generator is connected to solar panels to harness solar energy.

How does it work?

A solar powered generator is powered by the sunlight hitting the photovoltaic cells making up the solar modules or solar panels. The electricity generated by photolelectric effect in the solar panels is sent to the generator. The battery charger of the generator transfers the electricity into the battery to charge it. The process is stopped as soon as the battery is fully charged. The electricity stored in the battery is in direct current form. But household appliances require alternating current. This is why a solar powered generator for home has an inverter to convert direct current to alternating current. The inverter also steps up the voltage to the required magnitude.

The battery of a solar system generator stores power for use when sunlight is not available for generating power such as during night and cloudy days. The charging time of the battery depends upon the intensity of the sunlight. Direct sunlight for about 8 hours is usually enough to charge the battery. Thus, a solar generator for home can be switched on in the morning to get full power supply in the evening.

Apart from conventional solar generator for homes, portable solar generator has also become popular among people all over the world. A portable solar power generator is a compact unit which can be carried anywhere with ease. It cannot be used to power a house but is suitable for providing electricity for various devices in areas devoid of electricity. Portable solar panels are required to power portable solar generators. Portable solar generators are widely used by campers and hikers.

What’s the cost?

Low power solar generator price is about $100 and above. A portable 15 Watt solar generator can cost $500. Cost of high power solar generators to provide power backup for houses can cost anything between $2000 to $4000.

Advantages of Solar Generators

  • Solar generators are free of toxic exhaust gases because no fuel is burned. Hence, solar generators are eco-friendly sources of energy.
  • Solar generators do not have moving parts. Thus, maintenance is simple since wear and tear is minimum. Absence of moving parts also make the generators work silently.
  • Solar generators work day and night. During the day, the electricity obtained from the solar panels charge the battery while excess electricity is used to power appliances and other equipment. At night, the electricity stored in the battery is used to power the appliances.
  • There is no running cost of solar generators after the initial cost of the components and installation.

Portable solar generators don’t have as much power as fixed solar generators but they are suitable for providing power for phone chargers, laptops, lights and many other small devices.

Solar Generator Price List

Types Of Solar Generator Price
Portable Solar Generator Rs 12,000/ Set
Solar Power Generator Rs 1.2 Lakh/ Piece(s)
MPPT Solar Power Generator Rs 26,000/ Piece
Solar Portable Generator 3kwp Rs 2.4 Lakh/ Set
500W Solar Generator Rs 40,000/ Piece
Solar Pump Generator Rs 7,000/ Piece
Jakson Solar Generator Rs 75,000/ Pair
Solar Power Generator System Rs 22,000/ one
Small Wind Generators Rs 1.5 Lakh/ Piece