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Solar energy is an abundant form of energy that is readily available and used in the production of electricity. The PV cells of a solar panel system are the one that harvests solar energy and produces electricity.  The electricity so obtained is in direct current form; hence you need an inverter to convert this into Alternating current to be utilized.

What is Hybrid solar inverter?

A hybrid solar inverter is a cross-section between regular on- grid and off-grid solar inverters. The hybrid inverter is battery based power storage system. A hybrid inverter can also be called a multimode inverter system. A hybrid inverter is an innovation in the solar system that includes the best qualities of both on-grid and off-grid solar inverters.

 A hybrid inverter helps in both creating as well as storing the solar energy produced.  Hybrid inverters are economically and safe option in comparison to other forms. Hybrid inverters do include a system known as an emergency power supply which acts as a backup in case of power fail. The backup of hybrid inverters working is similar to a UPS which supplies electricity during blackouts.

Solar Hybrid inverter V/s on – grid inverter

The main reason that attracts customer for installing on-grid solar power panels is the fact that they can make money out of excess energy. But these days the government has reduced solar Fit or credits given on the account of energy transferred to the grid.  This means the excess amount of unused energy generated during day time is stored in the grid resulting in every fewer return.

The drawback seen in the traditional grid has been rectified by hybrid inverters. A hybrid solar inverter in contrast to traditionally one's stores the excess energy in the batteries attached to it. The energy so stored acts as a power backup for homes and business. The energy stored in batteries continues to supply power independent of the electricity grid.

Different Types of Hybrid Solar Inverter

A hybrid inverter can be broadly classified into two types based on the working

1.    All in one system with and without back –up

2.    Advanced AC couple system

1.    All in one system – a hybrid solar inverter system is said to be all in one because it includes both solar inverter and a battery charger. This type of inverter is smart enough to determine the most economical use of energy produced. The size of all in one system is huge because it comes with a lithium battery.  All in one inverter is further classified into backup and no backup system.

A no backup all in one inverter working is similar to on-grid inverter; it promotes storage of energy in the battery for later use. However, this type of inverter cannot supply power when there is a blackout.  This has resulted in creating an advanced version of all –in one inverter comes with a backup power supply.

The working of an advanced hybrid inverter is the same as that of a UPS. The power generated by solar panels charge the battery which supplies electricity, and the excess power is sent to the electric grid for storage. In case of a grid failure or black out the system automatically switches over to the battery mode to supply power.

2.    Advanced AC couple system hybrid inverter is commonly used in places where a high level of power management is required.  This type of inverter not only contains battery backups but includes a battery managing system that increases its life span. These types of inverter ensure to continue power supply for high loads; hence they are suitable for commercial purpose.

The advanced features of AC couple hybrid inverter such as peak shaving, generator control, load shifting, and energy demand management makes hybrid inverter price costlier than other types of inverters.

What is the Advantage of using Hybrid Inverters?

Hybrid inverters are energy efficient; it is not chained to the electricity grid. Best solar hybrid inverter in India is made by companies such as luminous, Microtek and Sukam. The advantages of such inverters are as follows:

1.    Hybrid solar power inverters save money by reducing your electricity bill and utilizing the energy stored in batteries.

2.    These days most of us work from home, which has increased energy consumption. A power blackout can result in a huge loss in terms of money and time. In such cases installing a hybrid inverter system ensures to supply power during the blackout and at the same times reduces using electricity from the grid.

3.    Further, the use of modern best hybrid solar inverters have made it possible for data monitoring, which plays a curtail role in energy management. Based on the readings you will be able to determine when and where to cut down your energy usage.

A hybrid solar inverter price mainly depends on KW, specification, and company. Inverters differ in KW capacities such as 5KW, 3KW, and 10KW solar hybrid inverter. A 5KW solar hybrid inverter is preferred by customers for homes that face frequent power cuts.

Hybrid Solar Inverter Price List

Types of hybrid solar inverter Price
Statcon 3 kW Hybrid Solar Inverter, Input Voltage: 710 V Rs 65,000/ Unit
Single Beep Hybrid Solar Inverter Input DC Voltage: 12 V Rs 25,590/ Piece
Outback Hybrid Solar Inverter For Residential & Commercial Rs 75,000/ Unit
Schneider Hybrid Solar Inverter Rs 15/ Watt
Single Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Rs 11,000/ Piece
Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter Rs 60/ Watt