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UPVC French Window

French Window is a pair of casement panes that are hinged to the sidewalls of the panes. These can be opened inward or outward, allowing you to feel the breeze and enjoy the panoramic view of the outdoors. It has symmetrical sashes which split open into a wider casement. Upvc French window is actually considerably broader and more attractive than the other casements because it has two or more sashes. White french windows extend outward without the mullion that divides them, giving the impression that the outdoor view is part of the inside architecture. They are typically arranged in pairs across the walls to maximise the outside view as part of the interior design.

French style windows are perfect for corporate buildings and other business enterprises where more room for sunlight and air is needed. These are an idealistic alternative to casement and sliding styles because they add much-needed durability as well as elegance to the home. But apart from the aesthetically appealing design, these are quite functional as well. They provide a single big aperture with no structural features to block the view from the casement, making the room look bigger. They can be fitted with a locking mechanism and each opens with a handle for easy accessibility. Black french windows come in a range of frame styles, textures, sizes, and designs, making them extremely adaptable and customizable.

Here are Different Types of UPVC french Window 

If you want a classic and attractive fixture piece that lets natural light into your house, they might be a perfect option. Let us look at the many types available in the market, that have a unique look and a remarkable potential to deliver entirely clear views into your house: 

  • External upvc French Window: It is designed to be both elegant and contemporary. These are also practical since they provide the essential sound isolation. Because they are put on the exteriors of homes, they are built in such a manner that they do not swell or distort due to the impact of temperature and humidity. If you are concerned about security, you may also equip them with latches and dependable fittings to feel safe.
  • Internal Upvc French Window: These are intended to look classy in any interior setting. Typically, they are constructed with large glass panes in UPVC frames to make the space brighter and airy. These are appropriate for large and open-plan homes that require adequate ventilation and natural light. They are also quite easily accessible. This option will look great in the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Modern Upvc French Window: It is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to minimise space while also adding a modern but rustic touch to their home. They open with a subtle gliding motion to the side, taking up a little extra space. These usually look wonderful in modern settings because of their minimalistic design and style. It is a good option for people searching for a practical casement for their house.

Let's know about the key Features

French pane windows are ageless pieces that can adorn places with an unrivalled visual brilliance. Their antiquity, as well as the contemporary look, instils a traditional touch in modern homes and offices. It also displays cultural integrity ideals in the midst of modernity. Let's look at the features:

  • Attractive Design: These are ideal for cosy winter days where natural light is needed. With a broad and elegant design, these offer an aesthetically beautiful look to the property. Its design and architectural elements are quite unique and intriguing which makes it suitable for both residential and commercial structures.
  • Energy-efficient: Because they are mostly made of UPVC, they may let in an astounding quantity of natural light. They also offer enough ventilation which cuts down the cost of air conditioners. Also, because these have an airtight seal lock, they may reduce the loss of heat or cool air. 
  • Wider Application: Installing them is a simple and easy way to improve the appearance of your home's decor because they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. They are great for areas that require a lot of light, such as the master bedroom, study room, kitchen, and living room.
  • Customizable: One of the best features of these products is that they are easily customizable as per one's own preference and needs. You can choose the design, colour, size, and hardware options on your own to customise them and make them stylish, contemporary, and unique.  

Have a glance at the amazing Benefits

Big french windows look amazing because of their sophisticated unique styling. However, in addition to their attractiveness, they are highly practical in usage. You can use them in various places like offices, homes, studios, hotels, cafes, etc., because of their unique look and functionality. Take a look at the rundown of benefits below:

  • Allows Natural Light: The broader structure and design of them allows to fill the area of the home with maximum sunlight. It makes it perfect for making a tiny environment appear extraordinarily huge. You can install it in master bedrooms and living rooms where more natural light is needed.
  • Provides Ventilation: They may significantly decrease your monthly heating and cooling expenditures by saving energy and lowering your power bills as they provide the benefit of enough ventilation. Furthermore, they make the space even more productive, lively, and cheerful because ample air is led into the house.
  • Offers Strength and Durability: UPVC is believed to be the best material for durability or strength. Its exceptional strength, fracture resistance, and durability make it perfect for high-traffic places. You can even install them in public spaces like restaurants, hotels, resorts, offices, warehouses, etc where durable products are needed. 
  • Weather-resistance: One of the key advantages of them is their weather-resistance and resilience capabilities. These are leak proof and waterproof so they are completely safe in rainy as well as humid regions. The performance of these products also remains unaffected by air, high-pressure winds, or harsh weather conditions.

Take a look at the Manufacturers of UPVC french Window

French awning windows are in high demand because of their remarkable design and appearance. However, there are just a few manufacturers and businesses that provide them. Take a peek at these:

  • AIS Windows: The firm provides great quality by providing end-to-end solutions ranging from glass and frame selection consultation to quick, hassle-free installation at your leisure as a one-stop solution for all your doors and casements needs.
  • Delight Windows: They provide a variety of solutions in India, including noise-cancelling, burglar-resistant, sun control, and safety products. Whatever design you have in mind, whatever functional requirement you have, the company has a high-performance solution for you.

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UPVC French Windows Price List online at McCoy Mart

Types of UPVC French Windows Estimated Price
Sliding UPVC French Window Range. Rs. 200/ Square Feet - Rs. 500/ Square Feet
White Residential UPVC French Windows Range. Rs. 150/ Square Feet - Rs. 550/ Square Feet
Casement White UPVC French Window Range. Rs. 100/ Square Feet - Rs. 450/ Square Feet
Swing White French Upvc Windows Range. Rs. 200/ Square Feet - Rs. 600/ Square Feet
UPVC French Villa Casement Window Range. Rs. 250/ Square Feet - Rs. 750/ Square Feet
Hinged UPVC French Window, Glass Thickness Range. Rs. 280/ Square Feet - Rs. 850/ Square Feet