Wooden Window Noida

Windows are an essential part of construction design. This is because the windows and where it is placed not only has an effect on the appearance of the home but it also has an impact on the air and sunlight that would enter the building. In general, the wooden windows are the most preferred for the sake of appearance as well as the insulation properties they possess.

Advantages of using a wooden window

The use of Wooden Window Noida is quite extensive considering the various advantages and various styles that the wooden windows offer. They are also an effective tool in the designer's hands to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The advantages of using a wooden window include

Durability- The wooden windows are adaptable to the hot and cold climate or in rain or shine. The wooden windows are more adaptable than any other material that is being thought to design windows in modern times like steel or vinyl windows. The wooden windows do not expand or contract much even during extreme climate fluctuations.  Therefore, there is no scope for seal failures or gaps between frames and glass that might arise which can increase the cost of running the hvac system in the building.

Insulation- When compared to the other materials the wooden windows are considered to be at least 400x times more insulating than the windows made of steel and 1800 times more insulating than vinyl.

Easy to maintain- Though the thought against wooden windows is that it might warp, high-quality wooden windows that are durable, long lasting sealants that make dusting and cleaning easier. But still, in the maintenance point of view, you would find that the steel and vinyl could still be better than even the high-quality wooden windows. But, the aesthetic appeal makes the use of wooden windows preferable over the steel and vinyl windows.

Customizable-  The wooden, steel and vinyl windows can be customizable. But, the wooden windows offer a greater level of customization in the form of carvings and intricate scrollwork.

Cost-effectiveness- You have a number of readymade wooden windows which are available in all price ranges. When you are considering the cost-effectiveness of material, you would have to consider the cost in relation to the longevity of the material. This is what makes the wooden window a cost-effective choice. The readymade wooden windows are available at affordable prices

 Timelessness- Though there are different types of wooden windows the wooden windows seem to be timeless in nature. They are never out of trend or never old. In fact, the refurbished old windows that are being sought after because of the timelessness aspect of the wooden windows.

It is possible to access windows of different types including cheap wooden casement windows, white wooden windows, and glazing wooden window.  You can use the wooden windows for both private and public buildings. You have wooden casement windows at prices that are quite economical considering the demand for it. you also have other types of windows in different price ranges for you to choose depending on the budget for the same.

Wooden Window Noida price List

Types of Wooden Windows Price
Plain Wooden Window Rs 250/ Square Feet
Stylish Wooden Windows Rs 340/ Square Feet
Wooden Window Seat Rs 1,200/ Square Feet
Wooden Casement Window Rs 210/ Square Feet
Wooden Sliding Window Rs 650/ Square Feet
Decorative Wooden Window Rs 250/ Square Feet
Teak Wooden Window Rs 250/ Square Feet