Types of Doors & Windows Used in Building Construction

By: | February 08 , 2024
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When it comes to choosing the correct doors and windows for your house, you might often end up being confused by the number of materials available for the same. Each one has their own set of pros and cons, and thus, it is up to you to decide which one will suit your house the best. Aluminium doors may be the best choice for a house, but the same may not apply to all the other houses as well. There are several factors such as maintenance, visual appeal, space required, etc. that need to be taken care of while choosing the perfect doors and windows for your home.

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Different Types of Doors

The first step towards purchasing the correct type of doors for your house is to know about the best type of doors and windows that the market has to offer. Here is a brief description about the most common types of doors and windows you will come across.

UPVC Doors


The number of people opting for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) has shot up in recent years due to its unprecedented strings of advantages over the other types of doors. These are one of the most durable types of doors and windows out there and require the least maintenance. UPVC Doors will ensure your safety and security as well since it’s pretty hard to break them open. They are also well known for their sound and heat insulation capabilities. Find the best uPVC door manufacturers and uPVC window manufacturers at WFM and request a quote for your requirements.

Aluminium Doors


The aluminium doors and windows are one of the most common ones that you will get to see. They can be painted according to your choice and come in a variety of surface finishes to meet your requirements. They are pretty sleek and will occupy very less space in your house. The maintenance costs are also low for these types of doors.

Wooden Doors


These are the traditional types of doors and windows available in most houses. These frames are not affected by temperature. You will be able to choose from a number of woodwork and designs. If done right, it will impart an exquisite and royal look to the house. There will be no issue with rusting of the frames. If you need a long-lasting solution for wooden doors, you might opt for timber which requires the least maintenance and is guaranteed to serve for a long.

Steel Doors


These types of doors can withstand heavy exteriors They need relatively less maintenance when compared to wooden doors and windows. Steel doors can be easily repaired. They are best suited for exterior-facing locations.

WPC Doors


Wood and Plastic Composite Doors have a great appearance and can last pretty long. The best part about WPC doors is that they will not develop cracks or warp. WPC doors have a good fire resistance property and thus also play a significant role in the safety of your house. You can also get them custom designed and painted according to your choice to meet the colour and theme of your house.

Membrane Doors


You will get membrane doors in a wide variety of textures and colours. They can withstand shrinking, cracking swelling, heat, etc. thereby providing security and less maintenance. They are very economical and need not be painted or polished throughout long durations.

This article will serve as a good reference for you to start looking for the type of doors that will suit you best. Make sure you get hold of a good manufacturer of the doors and windows. You will find numerous reviews and manufacturers online.

Now Let’s Talk About Windows

Windows form a significant part of the appearance of our house. In addition to providing us security, light, breeze, etc. they also speak a lot about the choice and tastes of those living there. Believe it or not, they are a crucial part of someone’s initial impressions of your home. There are various types of windows available in the market, each having its own set of pros and cons and unique characteristics. Apart from the choice of the type of windows, you will also get an option to choose the material of your windows. In recent years, there have been great developments in this field with new materials coming into the market and replacing the older ones. This article will help you get a fair idea of the options available to you when it comes to the selection of the materials for your windows and complement you in making the right choice.

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Different Types of Windows

Out of the numerous materials that have sprung up in the market in recent times, below is the list of the top materials in terms of reliability, look, and maintenance that you should focus on for your next renovation.

Aluminium Windows


These are one of the most common materials used for windows. These windows can be painted according to one’s wish and require very less maintenance. They are pretty slim and thus will not eat up much of your space. Aluminium windows have been used for a long time now and are still ruling the market. You can also get a variety of finishes done on the frames such as solid, matte, or glossy.

Wooden Windows


Yes, they do sound old, but there’s a reason these windows have survived this long and are still a choice for many. These windows impart an elegant look to the house. They require comparatively higher maintenance but balance out on the royal touch they impart to the house. You can get a hand-sculpted frame or fittings for your wooden windows which are sure to awe everybody visiting your home.

uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

These are the new-generation materials that have taken the market by storm. uPVC Windows are considered to be eco-friendly materials. They are highly thermally efficient and thus can help you in cutting down the costs of heating or cooling your home. They are also fire resistant and thus provide you with an added layer of safety. They are also known to be pretty good insulators and keep the outside noise at bay. These are one of the most affordable types of windows.

Steel Windows


It is needless to say that these are one of the strongest and most durable types of windows that are very secure. Gone are the days when one used to worry about rusting in the case of steel windows. Now there are galvanised steel windows that do not rust over decades and have the same strength as their predecessor. You will also be able to choose from a wide range of designs to meet the look of your house

Bay Windows –Medieval and Baroque touch


These windows are projected outward the main building wall and form a cozy bay that can be polygonal, half-square, semicircular, semi-hexagonal and sometimes even triangular.

  • Box Bay –Mostly used in kitchens, in interior plantation areas, or just for ornamentation
  • Bow Window –curved window offering a wide view of the outside
  • Circle Bay –Gothic-styled circular window used for dining space, in the bedroom and living room
  • Oriel Window –Cost-effective and large-sized and offers a panoramic view far away.

Curved Window – Tailor-made


The handmade traditional curved windows with double-glazing are like Bay Windows but without angular edges. They seal out adverse weather and ensure security. These are used in restaurants, on top floors of high-rise buildings and even in houses with patio door customization. The Victorian Turret Windows are the most beautiful type of curved windows letting light and ventilation enter.

Double and Single Hung Windows


While Single-hung windows have an adjustable bottom sash to let ventilation in, Double-hung windows have two adjustable sashes to let air pass through the top or bottom section or both. They are used in rooms facing roads, decks, porches, or walkways. Some of them come with wooden detailing while some have durable fibreglass structures or stylish low-maintenance Vinyl structures. These windows are energy efficient.

Sliding Window –Yorkshire Sash Window


The horizontal sliding windows can be slid back and forth without causing any friction and can be operated easily with fingers. There are wood and vinyl windows which are affordable, wood and fibreglass windows which are eco-friendly and aluminium-clad windows with double or triple sliders –all of these offer easy light and ventilation to enter.

Vertical Sliding Window –Georgian Touch


With double-glazed, energy-efficient and inward-tilting panes, these windows bear the traditional touch but are contemporarily designed with flush gaskets, safety catches and a secure locking system. Ovolo details on cills, sash, beads and frames give a period look and the insulation properties along with draught-prevention features make them reliable.

Awning Windows


With top-hinge and outward openings, the Awning Windows are weather-resistant and offer easy ventilation. These windows can be combined with picture windows for versatile effectiveness. You can also place them a little higher from the ground to ensure privacy. They are smaller in size and are mostly used in basements.

Picture Window


These windows are very large in size to dominate the wall or room where they are attached and as their name suggests, they are mostly used for offering an overlook to something attractive. They have a single glass pane and cannot be opened as they are stationary. They are energy efficient and often utilised with other combinations for maximising the view.

Casement Window –ventilation-friendly


These can open fully to the left or right. They are used mostly in the kitchen above the sink or room balcony. An outside hinge supports the outward opening while proper angling can let air enter the interior directly. Glazed glasses are used in manufacturing these windows. Lever, handle or cranks are attached for opening.

Tilted Turn Window –European Style

Tilted-Turn-Window –European-Style

These large windows can be swung in like a door and tilted with a sash to the interior for allowing additional ventilation. These also act as emergency exit options. The wooden frame, exterior casing, glazed insulated glass, and divided lights make them efficient.

Fixed Window –Limited Light and Vision


As the name suggests, these windows cannot be adjusted (opened) and are used mostly in freezing regions where ventilation is not needed. These windows let limited light enter and have minimal vision. They are used mostly in churches.

Arch & Radius Window – Victorian Touch


The front-facing Arch & Radius Windows are rectangular glass windows topped with a semicircular window. Some windows can be adjustable for ventilation while others are fixed to let only sunlight in. the wooden grids on both interior and exterior sections give a strong structure while giving a dramatic effect with divided lights.

Combination Window


Be it a combination of slider and casement window, awning and fixed window, two picture windows, casement and a picture window, or fixed and casement window – you can customise it according to your need. These are mostly used in the dining room, master living room or bedrooms. They offer an unobstructed view while ensuring proper ventilation.


Explained above are the types of materials you should look into if you are planning to buy or replacing your doors and windows. There are numerous window manufacturers providing these services. It is advised to do a thorough check on the quality and reputation of the manufacturer before making the final decision. You need to make sure that the manufacturer has skilled personnel who take care of the fittings and other related activities. By opting for new windows, you not only ensure greater security of your house but also increase its durability.

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