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We are manufacturer in commercial and waterproof plywood. The plywood are made by gluing various layers of wood, plies or thin veneers to impart strength, durability required. These plywood are resistance against water provided by the glue which is used for sticking the layers.


Waterproof Plywood

These types of plywood have the uniform thickness and a very smooth top surface all across which is achieved by calibrating it in modern high end imported machines. Plywood are as per requirements and domestic environments with quality, durability, reliability, and safety.


This plywood is made of full hardwood eucalyptus, which is a plantation timber and is thus eco-friendly, saving our valuable forest resources.


BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistance, a grade used to depict the moisture resistance capability of the plywood. It is waterproof plywood and thus ideal for making furniture. This grade plywood is used for interior, semi-interior, and exterior purposes. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen furniture are mostly used to manufacture these furniture. Using phenol formaldehyde adhesive, which is a synthetic plastic resin and that improve the waterproofing qualities.


Commercial Plywood

This Waterproof Plywood and is known for its long lasting nature. This plywood is made of one layer of hardwood eucalyptus and another layer of Poplar, which is a plantation timber and is thus eco-friendly, saving our valuable forest resources. The long life of the plywood results in the ultimate economy and is highly recommended for permanent type structures.


Comprising three layers of wood, a Plywood is presses into flat sheets to be used in construction purposes or in furniture, etc. These are either made of soft wood which is bonded using phenol formaldehyde resin or Melamine for better resistance to moisture and additional strength while hard wood use urea formaldehyde resin for interior applications. These are available in the form of sheets which vary in thickness ranging from 4mm to 22 mm. These are usually strong and resistant to impact damage and comparatively easy to cut.



We are into ready made swimming pools. We are tied up with one of the leading company which manufacture Multi Functional pipe-less filters for swimming pools. We make swimming pool that are technologically advance which reduce the operation and maintenance costs.

With more than 100 types of swimming pool products which are exported to Asian, Middle East, African, European and American countries. These products are appreciated for their good quality and efficiency.

Why smart buyer turn to fiberglass swimming pools

  • Family Fun with Private Swimming Pool 
  • Speed Of Installation
  • Smooth Finish
  • Maintenance Free
  • Low Chemical Usage
  • Any custom size and shape
  • Surprising Strength
  • Great Designs
  • Color Range
  • Other Features : Water gym, Water aerobic, Water mill , Counter current swimming systems, Jacuzzi system , Under water lighting are other feature in fiber glass made swimming pools.

Company is having 20 years expertise in swimming pools and have been making ready-made swimming pools in India since 2008. They had helped more than 10,000 families to realize their dreams to have swimming pools.

All fiberglass swimming pools are high in terms of strength and quality. These swimming pools come with a warranty of upto 12 years.

Swim spa are for those families who do not have big house, even a house of 50 sq. yard can have the swim spa. It has space to seat 4-6 people at a time and a perfect size of 4 meter x 2 meter x 1 meter. Once filled with water, no need to change it for an entire year. No additional water is needed to run the pool.

Benefit of ready-made swimming pools

  • Single window swimming pool made in controlled environment and technology. Each pool can customized and have different color combinations.
  • Each pool is built in factory and then transported and installed at site, hence less civil work.
  • Have less weight in case it is installed on roof tops and RCC slabs compared to concrete swimming pool.
  • As there are no tiles, hence risk of chipping or cuts is zero. 
  • These pools are 100% safe with anti-skid surface.
  • Our special design ensures the safety of swimmer. The steps are design as per standard for use of even kids and old people.

The pools can be made in any sizes for individual houses or gated community and on terrace or on ground or balcony. 

We are attaching swimming pool catalog to enable you to understand the process of making and installing the pools and also the quality of the work. 

Please feel free to call me at 7799883266 for queries or doubts?

Aalankritha Premium IInteriors serves in following cities.

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