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Bloom Dekor is a leading manufacturer and exporter of decorative laminates and designer doors in India. The company was established in the year 1994 and is present in 24 countries of the world. The production facility of bloom dekor limited is located near Ahmedabad. Covering an area of 50,00 square metres, the facility has the capacity of churning out 10 million square metres of high pressure decorative laminates every year. Bloom Dekor is an ISO 9001:2008 company. Apart from ISO, Bloom Dekor has also received BIS Certificate, Quality Research Organisation Certificate, SCS Global Services Certificate of Standards, Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd- Certificate of Analysis and many more.

Range of Laminates

The following types of laminates are manufactured by bloom dekor ltd.

  • Standard interior grade laminates are suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications for interior decor. They come in a multitude of colours such as purple, lime green, black, deep green, aquamarine, sapphire, sky blue, maroon, charcoal, heather violet, hibiscus red and many more.
  • Compact laminates are made using phenolic resin and are thick sheets. They are suitable for use on kitchen countertops, lockers, toilet cubicles, etc. Compact laminates also come in a plethora of colour options such as aquamarine, spectrum blue, smog, silver grey, tangerine, rust, saffron, chocolate, light cream, golden yellow, etc.
  • Postforming bloom decor laminates have smooth surfaces and rolled edges. They are designed to be used on cabinet tops, desktops, counter tops and drawer fronts. The postforming laminates by bloom come in many wooden surface finishes such as Brazilian oak, tropical oak, Italian walnut, Soho teak, Brentwood oak, Alexandra wood, Lamark oak, etc.
  • Exterior laminate panels are designed to withstand moisture and weather elements. They are used to clad the facades of buildings. Exterior laminate panels are available in many colours such as purple, sapphire, sky blue, almond, frosty white, snow white, etc.

Other types of laminates offered by bloom dekor are cabinet liners, colorcor laminates, marker grade laminates and chalk grade laminates.

The bloom laminates come in a plethora of surface textures such as piano glass, hojas, satin suede, quadro, alwax and kanvas.

Bloom Dekor Product Price List

Bloom Dekor Types Price
Bloom Laminate Rs 1,000/ Sheet
Bloom Laminate Sheet Rs 1,250/ Sheet
Wooden Bloom Decorative Laminates Sheet Rs 1,050/ Piece
Bloom Decorative Laminates Rs 1,200/ Piece
Bloom Laminated Sheet for Furniture, Thickness: 8 mm Rs 1,100/SHEET
Bloom Laminate Sheet, Size: 1.00 mm Rs 1,250/Sheet
Bloom Decorative Laminates Rs 1,200/Piece

Price of a bloom dekor laminate depends upon its type, size, thickness and surface finish. The bloom laminates price list on various online stores need to be checked and compared in order to find the best possible rate. The kind of application for which the laminate sheets are required, required size and thickness of the sheets, preferred surface finish and budget must be taken into consideration while selecting laminate sheets.

Range of Designer Doors

Bloom dekor uses modern technology to manufacture its range of designer doors. Apart from high durability and superior design, the bloom doors also have many excellent features such as sound insulation, low weight, impact resistance, fire resistance, waterproofing ability and climate tolerance. The range of designer doors by bloom decor include the following.

  • Black label doors
  • Green label doors
  • Veneer doors

The designer doors come in various surface finishes. The height of a bloom door can be 78, 81 or 84 inches, width can be 27, 30, 33 or 36 inches and the thickness can be 32mm, 35mm or 40mm. 

Bloom Dekor Limited serves in following cities.

Ahmedabad Delhi Faridabad Ghaziabad Greater Noida Gurgaon Noida


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