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Eko Timbertech WPC LLP

Eko Timbertech WPC LLP

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Started his career manufacturing PVC material, and his business soon expanded into real estate.  His observed the construction industry was still using wood as a key building material.Though wood is a wonderful and beautiful material with high strength, it does come with a couple of natural disadvantages viz.being prone to termite infestation, warping or rotting in humid conditions. 

Also, construction workers tend to burn wood for heat during winters. In trying to overcome the shortcomings of wood Mr. Vikram Agarwal has been constantly trying to replace wood with new age materials, and in this pursuit, he realized WPC was ideal an alternative to using wood in Real Estate and that is where he decided to manufacture WPC. 

Addressing the issue of rising wood prices & our human responsibility of conserving the forests, his business model presented a viable, eco-friendly and a sustainable solution to replace wood in Real Estate. 

Given his experience with PVC manufacturing coupled with the Knowledge of design and the specific requirements of the construction industry, Eko Timber products are envisioned, designed & manufactured keeping in mind both Architectural & Engineering aspects of the Real Estate industry and our responsibility to the ecosystem.

Eko Timbertech WPC LLP serves in following cities.

Ahmedabad Aurangabad Maharashtra Goa Mumbai Nagpur Nashik Navi Mumbai Panvel Pune Rajkot Surat Thane Vadodara


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