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Brick Blenders Design and Construction


Interior Designer

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We at Brick Blenders Design And Construction have been working in the Interior Designer industry for several years now. We are located in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have work as Civil Contractors, Commercial Interior Designers, Corian Facade, Facade Consultants, Home Interior Designer, Interior Contractors, Interior Decorator, Interior Design Consultants, Interior Designer, Kitchen Remodeling, Modular Kitchen Designer, Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, Modular Wardrobe Manufacturer, Office Interior Designer, Restaurant Interior Designer, Showroom Interior Designer, Turnkey Contractors, Vastu Consultants, Waterproofing Contractors in multiple cities. Our expertise is fulfilling our customers’ requirements and making their experience worthwhile. We have been established in Bangalore. Well known locally, our name has been getting glory in many different cities like Bangalore as well. Our teams has been constantly working towards enhancing our customers’ experience and we wish to make our community grow. We aim to deliver quality projects on time and fulfill the requirements of our customers. Known for our high-quality services, we promise to maintain the same standards in the future.