High Pressure Laminate (HPL Sheet) by Durian Laminates

High Pressure Laminate (HPL Sheet) by Durian Laminates

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#SF 2436- Oxoma Cherry


As a home or business owner, you obviously want the coverings of your furniture to be top-notch and accurate. High pressure laminates, composed of many layers of Kraft paper, come to your aid with printed design accents that also includes other decorative features. HPL is but a single layer made of decorative paper and includes solid colors/ designs. Finished to perfection, these laminates offer a nice, protective layer to your furniture pieces—and how!

High Pressure Laminates–Application

Whether it is for residential or commercial areas, architects and even designers are recommending high pressure laminates for a full and complete range of applications. From countertops to vanities, cabinets, regular furniture, fixtures, and so forth; they are being used at all places with flair. Complete with high performance metrics and the coveted features of durability, long-lastedness and strength, they are being used for protecting surfaces in offices, lobbies, restaurants, hospitals, stores, hotels, and educational institutions.

High Pressure Laminates in India

HPL in India has come a long way indeed. Now, it is difficult to add finesse to furniture without this material. Because of their high quality, a characteristic appeal, and smarter ways of using the same, these laminates are being incorporated in homes and offices to create an attractive overall look. Additionally, they are designed to withstand abrasions, fire, chemicals, and the general wear/tear caused in high traffic areas.

Way Forward with HPL

HPL is known for performing the task and alleviates the concerns linked with untimely wear and tear of your furniture. As it is serves as protective layer, it promises to be useful in the long run as well. With so many benefits in store, these high quality laminates are available in a vast array of wood grains, abstracts, colors, finishes and prints. Just find the material that matches your environment to the hilt and enjoy the results—you will not be disappointed!

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