Marble Finish ACP Sheet by Eurobond

Marble Finish ACP Sheet by Eurobond

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#ER 203 Browny Marble


Grade Total Thickness Front Coil Thickness LDPE Core Thickness Black Coil Thickness Coating Application Area
4MM PLATINIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.50 3.00 0.50 PVDF EXTERIOR
4MM TITANIUM (4PL) 4mm 0.25 3.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM RUBY (3RB) 3mm 0.25 2.50 0.25 PVDF EXTERIOR
3MM GOLD (3GL) 3mm 0.18 2.64 0.18 PE INTERIOR
3MM SILVER (3SL) 3mm 0.10 2.80 0.10 PE INTERIOR

Eurobond Marble Finish Aluminium Panelgives a realistic effect of marble with the advantageof light weight and ease of implementation. Eurobond Marble Finish Aluminium panels are widely used in thedecoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies etc.

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