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All about Greenply Industries and its products

Greenply Industries Limited is the leading interior infrastructure company in India. The company has a wide network covering more than 300 cities across 21 states of the country. It also has 48 branches all over the country. The greenply industries ltd is especially known for manufacturing plywood and MDF boards. The company corners 26% of the plywood market share in India. The greenply plywoods is a renowned brand in the country. 30% of the market share in MDF market in India is also accounted for by green ply industries. Apart from plywood and MDF boards, the greenply products also include laminates, doors, decorative veneers and wood floors.


Greenply manufactures high quality plywood. A+ grade timber is used by the company to manufacture plywood. The company uses a 5-stage process to manufacture plywood. A standard green ply board is highly resistant against termites and exhibits high dimesional stability. It also does not get warped easily. The plywood is also resistant to fire. The green plywood price depends upon its design and other properties.

Greenply Plywood Price list has been given here.

Brand Price

Greenply Brown Plywood,19 mm


Greenply Cream Plywood


Greenply Brown Plywood


Brown Green Gold Prima Plywood 


Brown Greenply Plywood, 6mm



  • Green Club Plus Plywood is a high density plywood which is resistant against fungus, termites and borers. It is resistant against boiling water and has fire retardent properties. Made of pure Gurjan timber. The price of this plywood is Rs 1954.

  • Green Marine Grade Plywood is made of selected species of hardwood and is coated with BWP Grade Resole Resin. The plywood is resistant against termites and borers. The plywood satsifies all the parameters required for a marine ply. Price of this plywood is Rs 1464.

  • Green Gold Prima Plywood has a face core ratio of 1:2. The plywood is coated with unextended BWP Resin. This is an exterior grade plywood which is resistant against weather, fungus and termites. Price of this plywood is Rs 1537.


MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard manufactured by Greenply is high in strength and rigidity due to fibre-interlocking technology used in its manufacture. The MDF is also highly resistant against wear and tear. MDF boards are made of hardwood and do not contain latex. This ensures that the they are ideal for perfect finishing by polishing or painting and applying laminates and veneers. MDF boards are available in multiple sizes and also vary in thickness. The greenply mdf board price depends upon its type such as plain, exterior grade or pre-laminated MDF, the size, thickness and other factors.


Greenply manufactures premium quality laminates for use in both residential and commercial spaces. The greenply laminates are antibacterial in nature which makes them ideal for use in locations prone to bacterial growth such as hospitals, labs, etc. The laminates are also fire resistant because they are manufactured using a fire retardant chemical which does not emite smoke on burning. This property makes the laminates ideal for use in places susceptible to fire such as kitchen, hospital, labs, etc. Greenply laminates are made in an environment friendly manner.

Flush Doors

Greenply manufactures a wide range of flush doors. Flush door is a smooth door which features a plywood or MDF which is fixed over a timber frame. The greenply doors resist warping or bending and also maintain dimensional stability under all levels  of humidity. They also exhibit high resistance against bulking and  shocks. The doors have very smooth surfaces which makes them suitable for laminations. The greenply doors come in stellar and lamina ranges .

Decorative Veneers

Greenply also offers a range of decorative veneers. These include Burma Teak Veneer, Royal Veneeer Black Forest, Naturemax range of veneers, Wood Crrest veneers and many more.

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