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Lingel Windows & Doors Technologies Pvt Ltd


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Lingel uPVC Doors & Windows

Lingel was established in Germany in 1995. Since then, it has been known as Europe's premier manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors. Lingel first stepped in India in 2006, with its primary headquarters in Rajasthan. With a size unit of roughly 7000 sq ft. and the potential to create 10,000 units per month, it has built a strong market reputation in India. All of the requirements are met under one roof. It offers many excellent products of the highest quality in the market. The range of products includes- roll shutters, window sill, glass conservatories, Venetian blinds, etc. In addition, it is successful in introducing LSB and LPG, both of which are intended to be window solutions. The firm is recognized for its mantra “ON TIME EVERY TIME” and a vision in which the consumer comes first.

It provides a wide selection of solutions to consumers at reasonable pricing. Customers can take advantage of a free consultation provided by the quotations. Whatever market trends are tracked, Lingel stays up to date regarding approaching new consumer needs. It has installed various high-tech machineries from Germany for its manufacturing process, and its workforce is also trained in Germany. It brings the standard up to par by specializing in site inspection too. It includes a plethora of accessories such as Lingel security windows, skylights, inbuilt grills, roller shutters and venetial blinds, glass house and sun shades, and so on.

It has received numerous media mentions up till now which has helped the business in increasing its reputation in the industry. They have considered a number of projects, including those in Chennai, Goa, Haldwani, Gurgaon, Rajkot, the Mizoram Church, Indoor, Churachandpur, Meerut, and many others.

The range of goods offered by Lingel

Lingel uPVC doors and windows: The price of the uPVC windows and doors that Lingel offers is reasonable and fits within a reasonable budget. It has proved to establish client trust by providing complete satisfaction. It takes care of the factors which are essential to consider like sound insulation, durability, eco-friendliness, heat control, maintenance, and many more. Its products include casement doors, three-track sliding doors, casement windows, three-track sliding windows, etc. The weathering and corner weld strength of the uPVC doors and windows are also tested properly.

Lingel Aluminium doors and windows: Lingel aluminium doors and windows are classified into three types: system 5.0, system 6.0, and system titanium. It provides a wide range of options to pick from depending on the budget and requirements. Aluminium doors and windows are also affordable.

Lingel German wood doors and windows: Lingel German wood windows and doors come in a number of styles, including casement windows, wood aluminium systems, casement doors, tilt and slide doors, lift and slide doors, and more. It focuses on producing things that are worth the money. Lingel will design a signature item that will bring a “WOW” factor to the customer's house. American oak wood, which has the same properties as teak wood are 99% termite-proof. They choose to utilize current coatings with unique lignin stabilizers to achieve flawless transparency and extensive durability. It includes a large selection of color samples, giving you numerous possibilities for the outermost layer of your Lingel wood window.
Lingel Mission

• It offers free consultations through quotations to its clients. 
• It operates under a reasonable pricing term that will meet the needs of the clients as well as those of the company itself.
• They provide sales services that are extremely reliable and which consistently satisfy customers.
• Free project planning and design advice are offered.
• They have German-trained professionals, who help them in understanding customer needs and upholding the best standards.



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Kindly quote slidding UPVC window of size 91.5 inches width and 45.5 inches height | 17th Feb, 2018



Ramnath | 24th Aug, 2017

Amazing products offered by company. Quality lingel upvc windows india and services.


Tejan KK | 2nd May, 2017

Great Products range !!


SatishK Patel | 2nd May, 2017

Nice windows range.


RRajan | 17th Apr, 2017

Great products !!

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