Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Installation of EUROBOND ACPs for Exteriors

By: | September 21 , 2022
Eurobond acp

You make the first impression about your business or residence with your address. However, it is the exteriors of your building that actually cements it. So, in order to make a great first impression, you need great-looking exteriors. You can easily achieve this by using stylish and elegant ACP sheets from EUROBOND. They are safe, maintenance-free, long-lasting, and extremely easy to install.

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Read on to know the many ways of installing EUROBOND ACPs for exteriors:

1. External Wall Cladding – Wet Sealant Joint

This is one of the most commonly used installation techniques in a wide range of new buildings and renovation projects. In this method, after the EUROBOND panels are fixed onto the substructure, a suitable sealing agent is applied to the joints to guarantee water tightness.

2. External Wall Cladding – Hanging Method

This installation technique is a great way to cut time on the installation process. In this method, the sheets are not tightly fastened to the sub-frame but simply suspended. This allows for easy movement using thermal expansion/contraction.

3. External Wall Cladding – Dry Gasket Joint

This method employs gaskets instead of sealants. The durability of EPDM gaskets is comparable to that of the sealant; in addition, the gasket joint reduces the amount of dirt or stain on the EUROBOND Panel surface.

4. External Wall Cladding – Narrow Open Joint

This technique is best suited for Stone and Timber-patterned EUROBOND panels in which narrow joints between the panels are aesthetically effective. If the need arises, a sealing agent or an EPDM gasket is applied to the joints.

5. Roof Covering

This method of installation is largely used in prominent, public spaces like airports and stadiums. In roof applications, a water gutter or waterproof sheets is installed behind the EUROBOND panels to facilitate easy drainage of the leaked water.

6. Squandered Back Panel of Glass Curtain Wall

Sometimes, glass curtain walls need to be propped by an opaque spandrel panel for aesthetic and energy-saving purposes. The spandrel back panels must be of high quality and extremely durable because it is difficult to replace them after the building is completed. EUROBOND Panels come highly recommended for such applications.

7. Sunshade or Cornice

Occasionally EUROBOND panels are also used for the sunshade or the cornice of a building. In such applications, you’ll find that steel or an aluminium frame has been used as reinforcement behind the ACPs.

Go ahead; beautify your exteriors with a wide range of ACPs from Eurobond. You’ll be spoilt for choices in textures, colours, and finishes.

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