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Best Offer On Expandable PU Foam Available on McCoy Mart

One of the best products you can get yourself is the expandable PU foam when it comes to home improvement. A mix of polyol and isocyanate generally creates these, and they expand by up to 60 times when they are sprayed in place. It makes them useful for specialty packing material, which can form the packaged product’s shape. It also produces a high insulating value thermally and has no filtration. These products come in different colors and thus can adjust based on the requirement.

There are so many properties that come with the expandable PU foam

  • The R-Value - When it comes to the heat flow resistance, the R-value is a clear indicator of how much it can sustain. If the R-value is higher, then the insulation properties are more effective. They come with a range of cell structures and densities, and they are also known as open SPF, while those which come with a greater density can be referred to as closed-cell foam. Generally, the spray insulation with the highest value is the PU foam that is around 2 pounds in weight. The closed-cell insulation material of PU contains a gas of low conductivity in the cells. Due to the high thermal resistance, the PU insulation comes around 3.4 to 6.7 an inch. 

The insulation of the foam also blocks these types of transfers -

  • Conductive heat - Thermal energy generally flows through substances that have a higher to lower temperature region. The plastics with thermosets reduce the heat transfer owing to the molecular bonds being loose. They are also filled with a bit of air regarding the HFCs or the open cell foams, among others. 

  • Radiant heat - Heat energy in the form of light (Mostly IR) emits strongly via warm surfaces. This is absorbed by materials, especially those with low reflectivity of IR, such as a matte black finish. The heat transfer doesn’t require any medium, and materials such as the spray foam are also opaque for radiation thermally, such as the most reliable materials.

  • Convective transfer - When heat is made elsewhere and transported via a fluid, such as water or even air, it is known as convective. The insulation is a crucial pointer in creating an envelope that is airtight within the built structure. There is also a benefit of blocking the heat transfer when it goes from the interior to the exterior via the months of heating, and vice versa, when it comes to the cooling months. Insulation is a crucial aspect when creating an envelope for the structure of the building. The sealing benefit makes sure the heat doesn’t escape via the gaps in the envelope without the need for movement as a transport means.


The foam is a super-specialized material and is mostly used to ship fragile items that are also fragile. The packaging principles can protect vases, sculptures, bases of lamps, computers, furniture, busts, chandeliers, and other things that generally have unusual shapes. The expandable polyurethane foam is an excellent insulator when it comes to building materials such as fiberglass. The two-component mixture is composed mainly of polyol and isocyanate that comes at the gun tip and creates a fizz that can be injected onto slabs, cavities in walls, and even holes drilled into a finished wall. It can also be referred to as materials used in the construction of buildings to minimize the overall air filtration and provide thermal insulation.

What are the Types?

The insulation for SPF can be generally categorized into two types -

  • Light Density - The light-density spray for open insulation and a medium-density closed spray for cell insulation. The open cell insulation makes sure that it can be easily smashed in hand, and the PU foam spray comprises millions of small cells. The insulation for the open cells can be crushed by hand if it comes with a lower insulation value. The closed-cell is also a little rigid when touched, and the air cell ends up being entirely sealed. The closed-cell foam comes with a higher R-value, and it can be more costly to purchase.

  • Medium-density - These foam insulations can also be referred to as the 2-pound foam. It has an insulating material with an LTTR or an R-value ranging from 5 to 6 per inch. The open cell for PU foam spray consists of a sponge-like appearance that can expand while being installed and create open cells that are small and filled with CO2. As it expands while being applied, it can fill the crevices, cracks, voids, and irregular surfaces and substrates, which can form an insulation called air sealing. These are some of the applications that you can enjoy with the help of polyurethane foam spray. 

You’ll also work with some great colors with McCoy Mart, including champagne, light red, and pink, and use them in applications where you see fit. The McCoy Soudal brand is one of the best in the market, and it’ll be durable enough to ensure that you don’t face any complications.

Places Where it is Used Frequently

This is used in some industries in a significant amount. They are:

  • Construction Sites: A massive usage is seen in this field for fitting frames of doors and windows, filling gaps after fitted, seal joints, seal the gap in between beams and bricks, and bonding the AAC blocks. This is one of the practical solutions that give a beneficial result.

  • Power Plants: This spray has immense popularity in power plants as it is used to seal gaps between the cable and wires. It is also used to seal the openings of electric panels.

  • Solar Plants: In solar plants, this spray is used to fill the places between wires and cables. It is the most productive equipment to do this kind of work.

  • Interior: The basic need over here is to fill any gap anywhere as they harden up fast and have good longevity.

Features Expandable PU foam

Expansion under control - This spray being an Expandable PU foam does not exert too much tension on the surface it has been applied. Even it does not bend the frames on which it is used.

  • Stability - This chemical has an excellent quality of not shrinking.
  • As it is semi-flexible, it can be shaped easily without any need to cut.
  • It doesn't even incline on steep surfaces.
  • It gets attached to building materials like brick and walls firmly.
  • It can be employed at a temperature of about +5°C. 
  • It acts as a safety ensured valve.

Uses PU foam

The Polyurethane expansion PU foam spray can be used as the perfect solution for the following purposes:

  • To fix door frames and window panes on walls.
  • To support air vents, air conditioners, panels, paintings.
  • To fix insulation and bonding requisitions on building materials.
  • To insulate plumbing pipes.
  • To seal all kinds of openings on the roof like filling spaces, gaps, and cracks.
  • To seal all types of duct shafts.
  • To fill all sorts of gaps there during the construction of a boat.
  • To make different designs and models using the semiflexible state.

Benefits of PU

  • Using this foam gives you a lot of benefits. Some of them are :
  • Reduces your labor cost as you can use the PU foam spray bottle.
  • Being a faster solution in filling gaps, it saves your time. 
  • Do not harm the decor and aesthetics of your room.
  • Further cracks don't develop after you use this.
  • This adds strength to the door frames, and thus anchor fasteners can be reduced in number.
  • Provides very effective thermal insulation.
  • Profitable sealing of any place at a low cost.
  • It also guarantees complete waterproofing.

How to Use

Before using the spray, you should ensure specific criteria and prepare the surface, without which the application of this chemical will be of no use. They are:

  • The surface where the chemical will be applied must stay dry and clean. You should check that the area has no loose parts, oil, or rust.
  • You can slightly make the surface wet so that it works efficiently and dries fast after the application of the chemical.
  • The areas beside the area of application may be covered with something as a precaution.

After ensuring these criteria, you can now follow the steps below to apply this chemical. It is effortless and easy.

  • Step 1: Shake the PU Foam spray can energetically before you attack the valve's drizzle straw. You need to twist it so that it gets attached.
  • Step 2: Put the can upside down and press the stimulus it has so that the foam comes out.
  • Step 3: Keep in mind that the chemical expands, so apply it in less amount and partly fill the gaps.
  • Step 4: The large gaps must be sealed by applying two layers of foam, and the topmost layer must be wetted.
  • Step 5: While you use the can continuously, shake it after some time and repeat it many times. You must remove the straw and clean the valve if you go on using it for a long time. Solvents like acetone can do this cleaning.

Removal of the Excess

If you want to remove and clear the excess foam, you need to use acetone in that case. Acetone is a kind of solvent that softens the unfixed PU. If you have a nail polish remover containing acetone, that may also work. But you should remember that the removal of this chemical is only possible when it is applied.

Where and When Not to Use

You shouldn't use this chemical in certain areas and under certain conditions. You should keep those in mind and use the chemical very consciously. 

  • You shouldn't use this chemical if you have any skin or respiratory problems.
  • You shouldn't use this in the areas near the electric boxes.
  • You must not use these near ceiling light-boxes and recessed ceiling lights.
  • You shouldn't use this in regions that are entirely enclosed without proper ventilation.


While applying this chemical, you need to follow certain precautions that will ensure complete safety. Some of them are:

  • Avoid direct contact with the chemical with your skin and eyes. If, in case such happens, wash the area with warm water.
  • Use proper ventilation techniques while using this.
  • If this chemical comes in contact with your eyes, do not close it. Rinse it by keeping your eyes open. If such happens, you must take medical advice as soon as possible.
  • Do not let children touch this chemical at all.

Order all your hardware needs from McCoy Mart and enjoy a wide range of benefits!

McCoy Soudal Specifications

  • Creation of a soundproof screen
  • Mounting and sealing of window and door frames
  • Base: Polyurethane
  • Excellent mounting capacities
  • High yield with good filling capacities

Expandable PU Foam Price List at McCoy Mart

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