Vastu Pyramid & Its Benefits

By: | September 28 , 2022


What is the first thought that comes to our minds when we think of Pyramids? Egypt, right? Touching upon ancient history, Pyramids were built during a time when Egypt was among the richest and the most powerful civilizations of the world.

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The massive structure was mostly built as a burial ground for the Great Kings, who were considered to be mediators between the God and the humans. And hence the people believed in keeping the majesty of the King intact even after his death. The pyramid was known to hold special powers and much research went into it for centuries, only to realize that it did hold immense energy within its structure and shape.

Pyramid consists of 2 words – Pyra + Mid

Pyra means Fire. Mid Means middle or center. Pyramid is a structure with immense fire in the center. Fire is an important element in Vastu Shastra. When used well, it can provide many good benefits. Hawans and Yagyas are conducted with fire because fire is known to purify the surroundings. Synonymous with the energies of the Sun, Fire in that sense is also life giving.

The Pyramid, because of its unique shape is known to hold such healing and purifying powers within itself. The center part of the pyramid consists of fire, the base denotes Earth Energies and the top pointed part looks up to to Heaven. This is the reason why its being used in Vastu Shastra so extensively.

When used correctly and under professional guidance, it can either enhance the positive energies further or can diminish the negativity and even assist in fixing the Vastu Flaws.

While one may read many articles on the net, my advice always is to not incorporate everything in your space based on your readings. There is always a difference between a doctor advising medication and you reading about the symptoms online and buying medicines from the chemist. Wrong medication can do more harm than good. Similarly, an incorrectly placed pyramid can bring a bigger negative impact to your life.

Remember, Pyramid enhances the energies. If placed in the wrong zone, it can enhance the energies in a negative way.

One of the best ways to place the pyramid is prior to construction. A pyramid in the center of the plot with 4 pyramids on all 4 corners can act as a safety net of protection for the house. It is vital however that no toilets are built upon the placement of the pyramid as it can adversely enhance the negative impact of the toilet.

When the pyramid is placed in the Northeast, it enhances the minds of the residents giving them superior thinking abilities and decision-making capabilities. Again, it is vital that there should not be any toilet in that zone.

In modern times, Pyramid Vastu has taken a roll of its own. If done right, it helps you to find remedies without the need of renovation. Sometimes, it can even help you open a virtual door if the main door is in the wrong zone. When placed in the zone of education, it helps in better concentration and when placed in the zone of health, it helps in uplifting the health of the residents. It can even be used to virtually shift the direction of a kitchen or a toilet that has been built in the wrong zone.

There is a particular way to energize the pyramids and one must always energize them with positivity and with the right manifestations before their placement.

Remember, while cures and remedies are there for your help, do not try strong remedies as these without proper consultation. Better to be safe than sorry!

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