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Masking Tapes

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Buy Masking Tapes Online At Affordable Price

Masking tapes also known as Painter's tape are used to cover certain areas to get neat paint and to restrict the paint only in the masked area. In painting, it is used to mask it off where color is not required. However, industrial uses, it is also used for the same purpose. It is placed in those areas which doesn't require paint and later on pulled out to make that particular area look neat and clean. They are available in many widths and you can buy them from online and offline stores. The Masking tape price is low, so you can easily buy them without digging much into your pocket. They can also be used in painting walls to use two types of colors properly. 

Go through the Various Types of Paper masking tape

There are several categories of this strip and you should know about them before buying. This will help you to choose the perfect one for your use. The strips are categorized into two broad types, based on the material it is made from and based on the color. However, this board division has many other subdivisions of the product. They are: 

Based on the material it is made From

There are three types of products based on the material it is constructed from. They are: 

  • Rubber-based Paper masking: The rubber-based strip is mostly used and is found in all stores. They are popular for their strong adherent quality which makes them last longer on the surface and does not easily peel off. However, their heat resistance power is less. They are available in various widths and sizes of rolls. 
  • Acrylic-based Masking tape for paper: The Acrylic-based strips, as the name suggests, is made from acrylic and are quite popular. They can resist high temperatures and are quite flexible. Thus they are ideal for industrial uses also. They are available in all leading offline and online stores at affordable rates. You can also get them at McCoy Mart. 
  • Silicone-based Masking tape wall: The silicone strip has a backing, not of paper which makes them much more resistant to heat. They can resist heat up to 260° centigrade. They have proper adhesive power and are suitable for industrial uses. You can get them at all online and offline stores. They are not highly priced. They are available in numerous thicknesses.

Based on the color it has

Based on color, these strips are classified into three types, they are: 

  • White masking tape: The white strips are the most popular ones and are suitable for various types of applications. They are also used by painters for their discrete nature. In any DIY work, you can use them. They are available at affordable rates and you can buy them online. Its versatile nature makes this type much more popular than the other types. 
  • Blue masking tape: The blue strips are used by Painters too. They also have a similar function to that of the white strip. They are found in all online and offline stores. You can get them at affordable rates also. However, their material is much different from the white ones. 
  • Yellow strip: The yellow strips are quite popular in the industry where the vibrant color makes it easy to paint the piece of the automobile. They are even used by Painters also. You can buy them from all online and offline stores. They are inexpensive too. Their adhesive quality is also good which has made them popular among the users. 

Best Brands on whom you can Trust and Purchase

Many brands claim them to be trustworthy but they are not. You should not only see the affordability while choosing the brand. You should also look for its quality too. It is difficult to choose the best brand, and thus we are here to guide you about the Best masking tape brand. The brands on whom you can rely are: 

  • Abro: Abro is a company that manufactures these strips for a long time and has delivered quality products. Their strips not only have strong adherents but are also very reasonable. You can buy them from both online and offline stores.
  • Wurth: This company also manufactures quality products catering to the needs of the customers. They manufacture Black masking tape that is useful for both residential uses like projects and commercial uses in industries. Their products are also available in affordable ranges. 
  • 3M: 3M is a popular name among DIY craftsmen as they devise many products that are quite helpful. You can buy them online and offline at reasonable rates. The products are not only effective but serve the purpose properly. They produce all types of this product for a long time.

Things not to Overlook while Buying Double sided masking tape

There are certain things that you should not overlook while buying. If you keep these things in mind you can buy the perfect product of your choice. The things that you need to consider before buying are: 

  • Types of product: There are serial types of this product and they have been discussed above. You should properly go through them and know about the types and then proceed to buy the product. If you go through the details of the type you will come to know in detail about the types and understand which will be ideal for you and then buy. Choose the type wisely.
  • Price: The price of these products is not high and you can easily get them without digging much into your pocket. All you need to do is list how many products you want to buy and then fix a budget and go to buy. 

Thinking about where to buy from? Don't Worry, McCoy Mart is there

McCoy Mart is an online store where you get many products starting from hardware to furniture. You can browse through the platitude of items and search for the product of your choice. You can read the specifications properly and then proceed to buy. Besides that,  you can also know about the Small masking tape price. If you have a pro account you can get bulk discounts on purchases. So why worry when McCoy Mart is there! Go to the shop and buy your desired product.  

Specification Wuerth Masking Tape

  • Backing material: Creped paper, latex impregnated
  • Adhesive base: Rubber resin adhesive
  • Colour: Brown (base material)
  • Length: 50 m
  • The thickness of adhesive tape: 0.18 mm
  • Dynamic peel strength at 25 mm: 10.5 N
  • Elongation at break: 10.5 %

Specification Abro Masking Tape

  • Cured Adhesive System
  • Minimizes Adhesive Residue on Painted Surface
  • Non-USA Origin
  • Excellent Adhesion on Painted Metal, Rubber
  • and Glass
  • Suitable for Most common Water and Solvent
  • Based Paints

Specification 3M Masking Tapes

  • Synthetic rubber adhesive offers a latex-free alternative
  • Controlled unwind enables easy dispensing
  • Industries: Automotive, Electronics, Furniture
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 163 Degree Celsius
  • Cost-effective solution for indoor light-duty applications
  • Crepe paper backing provides easy tearing

Masking Tapes Price List at McCoy Mart

Masking TapesSizes/ Model
Wuerth Crepe Masking Tape White/Brown
(24 mm x 50 m)
Rs. 492
Wuerth Crepe Masking Tape
(24 mm x 30 m)
Rs. 308
Abro 6123 20 mtr Self Adhesive Tape 40 T
(18 mm)
 Rs. 257
3M General Purpose Masking Tape
(18 mm x 20 m)
Rs. 257
3M IA120180137 General Purpose Masking Tape
(24 MM x 20 M)
Rs. 281

 Popular Brands of Masking Tapes

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