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Alfa Facade Systems Pvt Ltd



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New buildings of every style change the landscape almost daily. And, in today’s world, the quality of the materials that make up the buildings’ façadess is as critical as the vision and innovation that go into their design. Aluminium in the building industry has become the mainstay of commercial fenestration needs. From entrances, to windows, structural and curtain wall, external façadess to patent glazing, it has proved its worth beyond measure. Being a strong rigid material which can be colour coded to any architectural requirement, it is flexible in its construction to the point where its limits are only dictated by the imagination of the architect. That’s why Alfa Façade Systems Pvt. Ltd. is focused only on the most sophisticated and modern specialized aluminium architectural products – so that local designers, architects, engineers and developers can give full rein to their imaginations, so that dreams can become reality and quality façadess stand proud against the sky.