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Wall Putty

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Best Offer On Wall Putty Available on McCoy Mart

If you are coloring your house or office, wall putty is of great use then. They make the room partitions smooth before painting and let the color appear bright. Moreover, you can use them as fillers for holes and cracks. The white cement is very useful to fit window and door frames too. Apart from that, the waterproof wall putty price is very reasonable too.  You must use a coat of this white cement on your partitions to ensure paints’ longevity and the room barrier. You can use them on exterior and interior partitions too. In addition, you can mix them with mortar and other additives for proper application. 

Nonetheless, before buying, you must know about the types of best wall putty available in the market. It will help you in choosing the perfect one for your use. 

Know About the Different Types of White Cement

Generally, two types of white pastes are found in the market. One being acrylic, and the other is powder-based. You should learn about them in detail before buying. Check the information below to know more about them. 

  • The acrylic wall putty: Acrylic cement is available in smooth pastes. They are primarily water-based products. As it contains acrylic, they are suitable for interiors. They have less binding quality than the alternative powdery cement. The acrylic paste provides a smooth finish and acts as a good coat before painting. It does not flake, so you don’t need to worry about it. Being available online, it is straightforward to buy. The acrylic wall putty price online and offline is reasonable.
  • The powder-based white cement: The powder-based white cement is also known as exterior wall putty. Due to the cement’s excellent binding property, they are ideal for outdoor usage. It is formulated by blending minerals, polymers, and white cement. Though they are recommended for outdoor usages, you can also use them for your interior room barriers. It increases the tensile strength of the partition and makes it resistant to moisture. 

Check the Best Brands To Buy From

From the plethora of companies, it is difficult for you to choose one brand. However, we are here to help you. Most brands claim them to be the best, but not all of them are good. We recommend you buy wall putty from J K Cement and Acebond. 

J K cement has been manufacturing quality products for some time. Besides that, they are reasonable too. Their product has good durability and is available everywhere. Moreover, the white cement they manufacture is resistant to moisture. Thus, it does not let algae or bacteria grow on it. So, many people prefer them. On the other hand, when this white cement is applied to the partition, they give excellent brightness and a glossy finish. Even they are suitable with all paints. 

Acebond also manufactures diamond wall putty that can make your partitions smooth. They are available in large quantity bags. Apart from removing unevenness, they can also repair the pinholes and cracks on mortared room barriers. The cement is ideal for applying before paint, and the product for Acebond too has good durability. Being water-resistant, they can prevent seepage and leaking. The wall putty cost from this company is also reasonable. It is eco-friendly and goes well with all types of paints. You need minimal maintenance of these cement as they don’t flake once hardened. 

Remember the Things To Consider Before Buying Powdery White Cement

Certain factors are there that you should consider before buying the white cement for partition coating or repairs. If you keep them in mind, you can have a regretless purchase. The pointers that you should not forget are:

  • Type: As discussed above, two types of this cement are widely available - the powdery white cement and the acrylic one. If you are looking for interior use, then the acrylic paste is ideal. However, if you buy this cement for exterior use, you have to get the powdery one. Check the specifications to know whether the cement you are buying is acrylic-based or powder-based, and then buy. 
  • Suitability: another essential factor you need to check before buying white cement is whether the product is suitable for all types of paints. Generally, this product is ideal for all kinds of colors, but you should know correctly about it by reading the specifications. 
  • Resistance: The white motors are resistant to moisture and water commonly. However, before making the purchase, you must check that and then buy. If you are buying it for exterior use, the powdery cement should be necessarily resistant to water. 
  • Cost: The acrylic wall putty price is reasonable depending upon the weight of the bag. The small packets cost less while the large quantity packets and bags cost more. You should also buy them depending on your requirement. 
  • Bonding strength: The powdery white cement has more bonding capability than the acrylic paste. If you want a product with a large bonding capacity, you must buy powdery ones. Else, the water-based acrylic white cement will suffice your needs. 
  • Longevity: Generally, the white cement doesn’t flake, and thus they are coated before painting the partitions. Once they solidify, they become hard to break and fall apart. Still, you must check the specifications to know whether the product has long-lasting tendencies. 
  • Ecofriendly: If you have pets and children at your home, you will search for eco-friendly products mandatorily. Whatever be the case, you must always opt for eco-friendly cement. Check the specification to know about this and then purchase. 

Enquire About the Best Wall Putty Price From McCoy Mart

If you plan to buy white cement and are eager to know the price, visit McCoy Mart to learn about it. McCoy Mart is an online shop from where you can get the A to Z of your requirement. Besides knowing about the wall putty price list, you can read the specifications too. You can check the other brands available and then buy. Moreover, if you have a pro account, you can get bulk discounts and GST invoices.

Best Wall Putty Price List at McCoy Mart

Wall Putty
JK Cement Wall Maxx Based Wall Putty
1 Kg
Rs. 120
JK Cement Wall Maxx Based Wall Putty 
5 Kg
Rs. 179
Acebond Acefinish Wallcare Putty (2in1 - Interior & Exterior)
Rs. 1,125