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White Cement

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Choose From The Best Range of White Cement Available Online at McCoy Mart

Be it your renovation or new construction - white cement gives your floor a smooth finish. You can also use it on the walls. They are extensively utilized for decorative works. Besides that, this mortar is ideal for installing marbles and tiles. As they are waterproof, you can use them in your kitchens and bathrooms too. The white cement price 5kg and other packets are reasonable too. They are ideal for applications in the exterior and the interior of your residence or commercial property. You can fix any type of fancy decorative item using this mortar. Moreover, they are suitable for setting doors and windows on your property. Not only are they available widely across all online stores but in various weights. Apart from being long-lasting, the mortar is adequate for all kinds of prestigious construction projects. 

Discover the Various Types of white portland cement

Before buying this mortar, you must know about the types in which it is accessible in the market. Generally, the product is classified as Type I, II, III, IV, and V. However, types one and three are the most used. Type II is entirely irrelevant in the concrete industry. Learn more about these types below:

  • Type I: The most extensively used white cement wall is the Type I mortar for its consistent color. They are utilized in fitting marbles, finishing tiles, installing countertops, and polishing them. Though they are a bit costly, yet for their beneficial nature, this product is widely popular in the market. They are available in various sizes across all online and offline stores. 
  • Type II: Type II is a little different from the other kinds of mortar. It is resistant to sulfate and beneficial only when the concrete is used on a surface with an average sulfate level. However, it is very irrelevant to the regular masonry works. 
  • Type III: Another essential type after type one is this mortar. The significant advantage of this type is that it bonds faster than type one and has a finer texture. Moreover, the compressive strength is also much higher. Type III is also widely available across all online stores. They are available in ergonomic packets and are easy to use. The whiteness of the mortar is adequate and makes the applied surface look excellent. 
  • Type IV and V: These two types are extensively used in special constructions where low hydration or high sulfate resistance is required. Unlike type two, these two kinds are also not a suitable choice for regular masonry works.

Learn About the Best Brand To Buy From

There are many brands in the market, and it appears challenging when it comes to selecting one. Most of the brands claim to produce high-quality mortar, but in reality, very few do it. So, we are here to guide you on which brand to choose the best white cement. We recommend J K Cement for their high-quality refined mortar.  You can rely on J K because: 

  • J K manufactures pocket-friendly products yet maintaining the quality. Thus, the white cement price 10kg is affordable. 
  • The items they produce have high compressive strength.
  • The waterproof white cement is resistant to water, and therefore you can use it in multiple places. 
  • They are always accessible from all online and offline stores. 
  • The excellent durability and flexibility make the product much more demanding. 
  • Besides that, J K is a reliable brand that is consistently producing hardware items for some time. 
  • Their products are a blend of their hard-earned experience and new technology to deliver you the latest product. 
  • They are obtainable in ergonomic packets and bags of various weights. 
  • The mortar from this company also has high bonding rates. 
  • It takes significantly less time to install items by using this product.

All these factors together make this brand evolve as the best brand in the market to buy from.

Checklist of Factors To Consider Before you buy white cement

  • Longevity: Head to the specifications to know whether the product you are buying is durable. Unless the product is not durable, it will not last long. Moreover, it will affect your tiled floor or wall too. 
  • Fineness: Generally, this mortar is very fine as it has to mix with other substrates. However, you must check how fine the product is. In common, the J K mortar has a fineness ranging between 370 to 400 Blaine. 
  • Price: The white cement price differs due to the packing. As the weight of the product increases, the cost also goes high. In general, this mortar is not too expensive. So, you don’t need to dig much into your pocket. 
  • Size: The mortars are obtainable in many sized bags, and you can buy one that suits your need. Read the specifications thoroughly to know the weight of the bag you have selected and then buy. 
  • Resistance: Often, people miss out on checking whether the product they are buying is waterproof or not. Commonly, this type of mortar is waterproof and thus ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Still, you should check the features properly before buying. 
  • Glossiness: Another essential factor to check is whether the mortar has a glossy effect or not. Once it is used to join marbles or tiles, they should match the granite’s texture. Check the specifications to be sure about the brightness and glossiness before buying.

Purchase white cement online From McCoy Mart

Whether you want to know the white cement 25kg price or read about this mortar’s features, McCoy Mart is the ideal destination for you. It is an online mart equipped with a plethora of items. It has a collection of numerous brands from which you can buy. Moreover, it is straightforward to buy from this store. You can either use the app or the browser to shop from. If you have a pro account, you can get bulk discounts and GST invoices.