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Smart Drawer Lock

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Security concern about the loss of valuable items has increased manifold in recent years because of new techniques of lock picking adopted by thieves. This is the reason why people are increasingly opting for smart cabinet lock to secure their valuable items. Smart locks are being used in both residential as well as commercial properties to secure cabinets and drawers containing currency notes, jewelry, sensitive documents, etc. A smart cupboard lock eliminates the need for keys and the need to store them in a secure place. The absence of keys also means that there is no chance of duplication and the need to replace the entire lock if the key is lost.

The complete resistance against lock picking also makes smart locks a better option than conventional locks

Electronic Locks

An electronic cabinet lock has an electromagnet that generates magnetic flux when the electric current is passed through it. The magnetic flux is responsible for locking the cabinet door or drawer. A motor is also present in the lock which powers the electromagnet. This motor requires an electrical impulse to operate. The impulse can come from a keypad, remote control, card reader, etc. One of the most widely used electronic cupboard lock is the keypad lock. In an electronic keypad cabinet lock, the motor gets the impulse through the keypad. The keypad has a series of numbered buttons. In order to lock and unlock the cabinet door, you need to press the numbers in a particular sequence which is the code. The lock engages and disengages only when the numbers are pressed in the correct sequence. The code can be changed frequently so that there is no chance of anyone accessing the cabinet by learning the code.

The electronic drawer lock can also have an in-built computer that sends signals to the motor to lock or unlock the drawer. The computer gets information to trigger the signals through the following methods.  RFID or Radio Frequency Identification chip which has information stored in it. The chip is installed on the card and is read by the RFID reader attached to the lock. The RFID sends information to the locking computer after scanning the chip.

Biometric Drawer Lock

features a computer that has biometric information such as fingerprints and iris scans stored in it. The fingerprint reader or iris scanner attached to the lock sends the biometric information to the computer. The computer triggers a locking or locking mechanism only if the biometric information of the person is present in its memory. This is a highly secure access control method.

Special Smart Locks

There are many modern varieties of digital cupboard lock which have a plethora of extra security features.

  • Bluetooth drawer lock is one of the most popular digital cabinet locks. A fingerprint drawer lock is a special kind of lock that uses a mobile app to lock and unlock. This kind of lock is very easy to install on drawers and cabinet doors. After installing, you need to download the lock’s mobile app and pair it with the locking mechanism using Bluetooth. Once the lock is engaged, it cannot be opened by any other method other than the mobile app present in your smartphone.
  • Wi-Fi-controlled smart lock for drawer goes a step further than Bluetooth lock. This lock enables you to control it from anywhere in the world using your mobile app. The lock is connected to your home Wi-Fi which enables you to establish contact with it through the internet. All you need is an internet connection. Thus, a digital drawer lock enables you to provide access to the drawer or cabinet to any other person even though you are not physically present at the spot.
  • Smart cabinet locks which integrate with the home automation systems such as Alexa work with voice controls.
  • The smart lock drawer can also have an integrated video camera. The video camera is operated using the same app as the locking mechanism. The video camera allows you to live stream the view around the lock.
  • Auto-lock feature can also be incorporated into a drawer digital lock. This kind of digital lock automatically locks the drawer after a fixed time period. The time period is usually 30 seconds but can be varied using the settings.


  • Single locking for 2 overlapped sliding shutters
  • Universal lock for sliding shutters with either
  • Easy to use and installation
  • Override code available
  • Break-in damage alarm
  • OTP Password

Smart Drawer Lock Price List

Smart Drawer Lock For Home


Pedestal drawer lock Rs. 248
Ozone Password Lock for Drawers & Cabinets Rs. 1,841
Ozone Fingerprint Lock for Drawers & Cabinets (Black) Rs. 3,758
Ozone Password Lock for Drawer & Cabinet Rs. 2,071
Ozone RFID Card Multi Drawer Lock Rs. 3,494
Ozone RFID Card Lock for Drawer & Cabinet Rs. 3,834
Ozone Biometric Lock for Drawer & Cabinet Rs. 7,669