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CCTV Camera

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Security surveillance has become essential in both commercial and residential properties. Monitoring the activities of people and recording the inflow and outflow of people in a premise is the crux of security monitoring. The advent of CCTV cameras made continuous security surveillance possible. CCTV stands for closed circuit television. A cctv camera is an electrical device which provides real time video for monitoring. CCTV cameras come in a plethora of designs, configurations, sizes and shapes. Each type of CCTV camera is suited for a particular kind of surveillance. It is important to select the right kind of CCTV camera as per your security requirements. Thus, you need to know about the features of each kind of CCTV camera available in the market.

Bullet CCTV camera

Bullet CCTV camera is long in size and cylindrical in shape. A bullet camera is capable of long distance surveillance and can even view up to 40 feet. The camera is fitted with either fixed or varifocal lens. Bullet CCTV camera is tailor-made for outdoor surveillance because the casing of the camera protects it against dust, water and weather elements.

Dome CCTV camera

Dome CCTV camera is dome shaped and installed on the ceiling. The shape of the camera makes it impossible for anyone to determine the direction towards which the camera is pointing. The camera is capable of 360 degrees rotation. Dome camera can also be equipped with infrared technology for clear viewing in low lighting conditions. Dome is a suitable cctv camera for home and for indoor spaces in commercial locations. It can also be put to outdoor use.

Infrared CCTV camera

Infrared or night vision cctv camera use infrared LEDs to record videos even in darkness. Infrared technology enables the camera to penetrate even pitch darkness and record images in black and white. Infrared CCTV camera can also record clear images under foggy or smoky conditions. It is suitable for properties such as banks, factories or shops requiring special surveillance at night.

Day/Night CCTV camera

Day/Night CCTV camera records clear images irrespective of the lighting conditions. It is unaffected by direct sunlight, glare and reflections during the daytime and records coloured images. At night and under poor lighting conditions, the camera uses extra sensitive imaging chips instead of infrared illuminators to record clear black and white images. This is a suitable CCTV camera for round the clock surveillance.

Wireless CCTV camera

Conventional cctv camera with dvr sends the recorded videos through a cable to the digital video recorder which stores them in a hard drive. But a wireless cctv camera uses internet to send the recorded videos anywhere in the word. For example, a wifi cctv camera uses the home WiFi network to send the images through the internet. You can view your property in real time from anywhere in the world by simply accessing the internet through any device. Wireless CCTV camera can also use ethernet, USB or any other digital connection to transmit the recorded images through the internet. The camera has in-built components to transmit the images and does not require wires. It is very easy to install a wireless cctv camera since there are no cables involved. The need for maintenance is also less. The stored recordings can also be accessed easily.

Hidden CCTV camera

Hidden CCTV camera is difficult to spot. It records clear images of the intruders while being inconspicuous. A hidden cctv camera can be disguised to appear something else such as smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, speakers, thermostat and other objects which do not attract attention. In a nutshell, hidden cctv camera fools thieves into thinking that they are not being watched.

High-definition CCTV camera

High-definition CCTVV cameras record high resolution images and captures very fine details of people and objects. The images are never distorted or grainy and does not blur even when zoomed in. The high level of clarity of the images makes it easy to identify people appearing in the recordings. This is the reason why hd cctv camera is suitable for banks and other high-security establishments.

PTZ CCTV camera

Pan/Tilt/Zoom or PTZ CCTV camera can be panned left or right or tilted up or down. The camera lens can be zoomed in and out. Pan and tilt enables the camera to have a 360 degrees field of vision while zoom feature enables close inspection of suspected individuals and objects. The image clarity is very high which enables easy identification of people passing the camera. The camera is controlled easily by security personnel monitoring the live video feed which provides the security guard complete control over the recording.

C-Mount CCTV camera

C-Mount CCTV camera comes with detachable lens and can be fitted with various kinds of lens to suit different fields of vision. The range of the camera can be altered by using various lenses. The range can be extended beyond the standard 40 feet by equipping the camera with special lens.

ANPR CCTV camera

Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera is a special type of CCTV camera. ANPR camera captures the images of the license plates of vehicles to get the registration numbers and automatically checks the records to identify the owners. Such cameras are used by traffic police to identify vehicles guilty of over-speeding, jumping traffic lights and other violations of traffic rules. ANPR cameras are also used to track stolen vehicles, vehicles belonging to criminals and for restricting access of vehicles in properties.

Price factors of CCTV cameras

The best cctv camera is the one which fulfills the security needs effectively. Budget is an important factor when you buy cctv camera, however, even if you need to spend a little more to get the right kind of CCTV camera as per your security needs, it is better to shell out that much more money and get your assets secured.

The cctv camera price depends upon its type, technology used in it, size, area of coverage and other features. A small cctv camera covering less area and smaller field of vision costs less as compared to a camera with wider field of vision. The wireless cctv camera price is more as compared to conventional wired cameras because the IP technology enables you to view live footage from anywhere in the world apart from other advantageous features. Even though the initial wifi cctv camera price is high, it is cost effective in the long run because one IP camera can take place of several conventional cameras due to high coverage area and higher number of IP cameras can be connected to a single network as opposed to DVR. Similarly, the cc camera cost in case of infrared enabled night vision and day/night cameras is more as compared to other kinds of CCTV cameras.

You need to scan the CCTV cameras manufactured by reputed brands in order to get the best cctv camera. The big brands offer highly reliable and premium quality CCTV cameras of all types and configurations. Apart from brick and mortar cctv camera shop, you can also purchase cctv camera online. Almost all the popular online stores offer good collections of CCTV cameras suited for all budgets and security applications. You can compare the cctv camera price online across various e-commerce websites to get the best price.