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Unlike Europe, Indian Kitchen is workplace for the lady of the house with assistance who even doesn’t know how to operate a Dish Washer, light a burner, run a microwave or even do not understand the difference between the normal glass & the crystal. What to talk about soft close drawers or lift-up. Functionally, Indian Kitchen is in use almost 20 times more than the European kitchen. Indian kitchens are more abused than used & therefore, the construction has to be more robust, water resistant & less sophisticated than the European Kitchen. DNB has well understood the concept of European Modular Kitchen & has converted the material that meets the need of an Indian Kitchen and compliments the European kitchen.

There are some standard kitchen cabinet and standard appliance sizes. Whether you purchase stock (factory built) cabinets or custom cabinets makes the difference on how flexible those standards can be. Custom built cabinets, depending on how you have built them, can virtually eliminate the need for any filler, utilizing all your space. Although you will be somewhat limited regarding dimensions and sizes if you are purchasing stock cabinets or semi- custom cabinets, the good news is, if you know what you want and the dimensions of your room, you can easily find stock cabinets to fill your area effectively and to your liking. Be aware that you may have to use fillers in some areas that you wouldn’t have to with custom cabinets.

These standard/custom build cabinet sizes are available with different slide system like:

  • Meta box
  • Bearing Roller slide.
  • Self close roller slide
  • Electronically controlled open/close system