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Bajaj Exhaust Fans

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Buy Bajaj Exhaust Fan Online At Affordable Price

Having an exhaust at home is very useful. It maintains a suitable temperature and purifies the air. All of these models work to let the bad air out and good air in the house. You can use them in your kitchen or bathroom. It is best if you install them throughout your home. You get a massive benefit from these models.

The Function of the Bajaj Kitchen Fan

They help draw out the extra moisture and undesirable odors from your kitchen. The kitchen is prone to moisture as actions like washing and cooking are done there. The primary function is to give ventilation so that chemical fumes do not grow. It also helps in removing other pollutants that may be harmful when we breathe.

How Bajaj Ventilation Fan Works

They use a motor that turns the blades to function. They pull air present inside to the outside. With this, all sorts of odor, fumes, and moisture also vent out. As this air and moisture exits, the stagnant, sticky, and tarnished environment changes to a fresh one.

These models need electricity to work. You can use the wall switch connection to operate them. Some models are furnished with thermostats that automatically turn the unit on when a particular temperature is reached. These models help to make your room comfortable instead of turning it into a gas chamber by venting out air.

Benefits of Bajaj Kitchen Exhaust Fan

Using these models are very helpful for your indoors, as they provide perfect comfort for the dwellers. You do not feel suffocating as exhausts are installed. They purify the air. Some of the benefits that you can get from them are:

  • They can cool an area very quickly, which has been heated due to prolonged cooking. As the hot air is vented out, the temperature inside reduces. It is the mechanism that air conditioning follows. The extra inducement to it is the external and artificial cooling mechanism.
  • They can remove extra moisture from the kitchen. Moisture can quickly settle from cooking or boiling water, near the ceiling or wall, or any other surface. They promote the growth of mold. Once this moisture is let to move out, you get a healthy kitchen.
  • They remove humidity in the indoors very fast. They not only remove odors and pollutants but provide proper ventilation. This improves the quality of the air you breathe. By venting out the contaminated air, fresh air is induced through the turning of the blades.

Bajaj Bathroom Exhaust Fan

They also work in the same way the kitchen ones work. They are also a ventilation device that extracts the polluted moist air, moisture, and humidity from the bathroom. The stale and impure air once exited gives you fresh air, removing suffocation and humidity.

The Requirement for Bajaj Bathroom Fan

It may be a question about why will you need it? Well, here is the answer to your question:

  • If installed, you will get a good bathroom free from excessive moisture, humidity, odor, and water vapor
  • Water vapor settling on your bathroom walls and mirrors can also be removed once it is installed
  • There will be proper ventilation, which will reduce the chances of your bathroom getting heated
  • Settling of humid water droplets and pollutants erodes the items in your bathroom. Venting them will always help you protect those items and save your money from costly repairs

Bajaj Industrial Exhaust Fan

Unlike homes, where you need to vent the heat, moisture, humidity, and pollutants from the inside to the outside, in an industry, the requirement is the same. There are many pollutants and many humid gases which need to be vented to make the place fresh. They also need to vent the heated air so that the room does not become a heat chamber. As chemical emission is more in the industry compared to homes, proper ventilation is required.

Bajaj Window Exhaust Fan

They are designed in such a way that you can fit them in the frame of the window. At times you need to vent lousy air from your room also. By doing so, you can have proper airflow in your place. This simple, low-cost air conditioning is possible with window exhausts.

Bajaj Exhaust Fan 9 Inch Features:

  • They have a rustproof body
  • They also have rustproof blades
  • The blades are designed dynamically and adequately
  • They work silently without noise or vibration
  • They are light in weight
  • They have a strong motor fitted
  • They can deliver high air
  • They have rustproof wire guards with a metallic finish
  • They have three blades and consume 42W power

Bajaj Exhaust Fan 300mm Features:

  • They have a strong metal body
  • They can deliver a proper and high air
  • They have a high speed
  • It consumes low energy
  • They have a rustproof body
  • They are very easy to mount on any surface
  • They have a sweep of 300mm, as the name suggests
  • The air delivery speed is 1250 CMH
  • It comes with a two-year warranty

Bajaj Exhaust Fan 150mm Features:

  • They have high air delivery
  • They have louver shutters that protect them from birds building nests in them
  • They have rust-free blades made of a special kind of plastic
  • They can be fitted both in the kitchen and in the bathroom
  • It has a proper delivery of air with a motor of 1400 RMP
  • They consume only 24W power
  • The blade sweep speed is 150mm

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Top Selling Bajaj Exhaust Fans Price List at McCoy Mart

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Bahar Domestic Exhaust Fan 300 mm - Metallic Grey
Rs. 1,390
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Rs. 1,725