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Bajaj Pedestal fans

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Best Buy Offer On Bajaj Pedestal Fans Available on McCoy Mart

Pedestal fans can be defined as portable electric air blades that can be placed anywhere at home. They can play a significant role in improving the weather indoors, especially in places like India, prone to becoming humid and hot. An air-circulation system like a standing air blade is useful, and the biggest advantage they offer is their portability. They only need a power outlet and can be placed in any room.

Getting yourself a Bajaj pedestal fan can be an excellent investment, as there are plenty of advantages that come with it -

  • Maneuverability

One of the biggest pros of having an oscillating air blade is that they’re super portable and light. They can be moved around easily, making them the perfect device to use anywhere - inside or even outside. You can move it from a balcony to a room that requires additional ventilation of sorts at any time.

  • Multiple modes

When you purchase a standing punkah, you need to look for one that offers several modes. Many of them have an option for “Low,” “Medium,” or even a “High” setting, which can then alter the speed of the air blade and give greater control with regards to the room temperature. You need to test out the different fans and ensure they meet your requirements as needed. Each of them comes with multiple RPM options in case you need power.

  • Stylish design

Apart from being purely functional, a Bajaj high speed pedestal fan can add a stylish touch to every home. There is a wide range of colors and finishes to choose from - including metallic and plastic, and you can take your time to find a perfect fit for your unique home. After selecting a color that suits your preference, you can make it the room’s focal point.

  • The swing feature

The option to swing is another useful feature in these products. A Bajaj stand fan can oscillate both ways. Due to this Bajaj stand fan high speed, the cool breeze ends up being distributed evenly to every corner of the room, and this is important when there is a group of people, and the air needs to be distributed evenly across.

  • Affordability

In case you need something to keep you comfy and cool in the summer, the Bajaj Esteem pedestal fan is within your budget and ensures you’re relaxed without compromising the quality. The air blades made of plastic are a better option as they are high-quality and don’t rust or even corrode. You will need to spend less on maintenance in the long term too.

  • Size

There are different sizes available for oscillating air blades, and sometimes, choosing the right size can be challenging due to the various available options. To consider the best choice, you need to look at the room where you want to place the fan. If it has a more prominent area span, with breeze reaching the room with ease, then you can opt for it. There are smaller options that can exude the breeze from all the different directions.

  • Sound

A pedestal punkah that’s noisy can disturb the peacefulness of the home. The older models, especially, create a lot of white noise, disturbing your sleep and ability to have conversations. When opting for a pedestal unit, you must check the amount of noise it creates whenever it is on. Make sure you test it before you opt for it. There is a wide range of benefits that come with pedestal air blades, and you can explore them all when you’re shopping.

Choosing the Right One

In India, Summers are super warm and humid, and air conditioners aren’t always the most affordable for the middle class. That’s why a pedestal is an excellent option for anyone because it can offer a wide range of benefits and is also accessible at the same time. It comes down to how you can choose a reliable pedestal unit because it becomes easier to do so when considering the many options with these types of punkahs.

Generally, pedestal units often get perceived as super noisy with a sound level of up to 60 decibels, and these Bajaj stand fan prices are at a higher range than standard air blades. You need to pay attention to these other factors as well, and then it becomes much simpler. The room’s size also makes a difference, you need a larger space that circulates air around better, and you can always opt for a smaller option whenever required. The direction of the air to be directed is also essential. In case you want it to be headed in a particular direction, you can get a fixed air blade and opt for ones that save power before you purchase it. The speed settings also depend on your choice, and if you intend to buy a fan that rotates only in one direction, you can choose from the different speed options.

With these tips, you’ll be able to purchase a reliable Pedestal Fan, and with McCoy Mart, you get to choose among a wide range of options. You can check the Bajaj Pedestal fan price online and get the fan that works best for you. The wide range of options is easier for you to work with, and finally, get the one which can brilliantly air up your home and spaces.

Top Selling Bajaj Pedestal Fans Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Bajaj Esteem Pedestal Fan 400 mm
Rs. 2,485
Bajaj Midea BP07 Pedestal Fan 400 mm
Rs. 2,630
Bajaj Neo-Spectrum Pedestal Fan 400 mm - Blue
Rs. 2,881
Bajaj Tez MK II Farrata Pedestal Fan 450 mm - Black
Rs. 2,890
Bajaj Victor VP R01 Pedestal Fan 400 mm - New Blue
Rs. 3,290
Bajaj Supreme Plus Pedestal Fan 450 mm - Grey
Rs. 6,666