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Bosch Built-In Microwave

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Best Offer On Bosch Built-In Microwave Available on McCoy Mart

Bosch Built-In Microwaves are always in demand for household kitchens. However, the modular kitchen setup has paved the way for built-in microwaves which are similar to the ordinary models yet different from them. They are fixed into the cabinet or rack where you want to keep them and can't be moved, unlike the freestanding models. Nonetheless, the function remains the same. The Bosch built-in microwave is a pioneer in this field of ovens and delivers long-lasting quality products. They are available in various sizes and colors. You can buy them from both online and offline stores. Other than that, this product saves much space in your kitchen as it is not freestanding and you can fit other products also in the cabinet.

Check out the Latest Characteristics of the Models

The Bosch integrated microwave models have numerous characteristics. Before you purchase a product you must check what are the features that the models have. There are some general features as well as some unique features that each model separately has. The features that each model of this company has got are: 

Serie-2 Built-In Microwave Oven 50 cm, Stainless steel (17 Litre)

  • It has a capacity of 17 liters with five power levels and the maximum level is 80 W.
  • The turntable is made from 24.5 cm glass.
  • It has seven automatic programs which make the model demandable.
  • It has a side opening door with a left hinge.
  • The door can open up to 160 degrees.
  • The cable wire has a length of 130 cm.
  • The height, width, and depth of the model are 364 mm, 453 mm, and 300 mm respectively.

Serie-6 Built-in Microwave Oven With Hot Air (60 x 45) cm Stainless Steel (44 Litre)

  • The model has got pop-up control which makes the front facade easy to clean.
  • It is equipped with both combination and convection modes, which makes the model attractive.
  • It has hot air along with heating functions like hot air standard, hot air grilling, full-width grilling, and pizza settings.
  • The maximum power function that this model has is 900 W.
  • The maximum power levels for grilling are 90 W, 180, 360 W, and 600 W.
  • The volume of the oven for cooking is 44 L.
  • It has a LED display and touch control panel.
  • The model is equipped with a child lock facility and has defrosted as well as other auto cooking features too.
  • It has a cable wire of the length of 180 cm.
  • The height, width, and depth of the model are 454 mm, 594 mm, and 570 mm respectively.

Serie-4 Built-In Microwave Oven Stainless Steel (25 Litre)

  • The model has a side opening hinged door which is perfect for elevated installation.
  • It is equipped with convection cooking which makes it demandable.
  • The door opening system is operated by a button.
  • The cooking capacity of this model is 25 L.
  • The accessories provided with this model are a grid and a turntable.
  • The maximum power option for this model is 900 W and it is equipped with five power control settings.
  • A combination feature is also available for this model.
  • The diameter of the turntable is 31.5 cm.
  • The dimensions of the model are 382 mm height, 594 mm width, and 388 mm depth.
  • The main cable wire is of the length of 130 cm.

Speculating why Bosch is the Best Brand?

After looking at the features if you still doubt why this brand is the best, then here are some of the reasons that might help you to build trust in this brand. They are:

  • They manufacture products by catering to the needs of the customer and have been delivering quality products for a long time.
  • Their products are available in all leading online and offline marts.
  • You can contact their helpline to receive quotes and for clearing your queries.
  • Besides that, this brand uses quality products in making the items.
  • Bosch is a senior company that has been manufacturing various cooking appliances that make daily work easier.
  • They have been manufacturing chimneys, hobs, induction, dishwashers, and ovens for the kitchen besides this product.
  • Their fusion of innovation and technology has made their products stand apart from others.

The Must do's before Buying

There are certain essential things to do before you buy a product. You need to check certain factors and ensure that they are perfect for your requirement. Some of the must do's before you buy a Bosch drawer microwave are:/p>

  • Check the size

You should check the height, width, and depth of the model as well as your cabinet before you buy a product. This will ensure that the model you buy does not become a misfit. Once you are sure about the space you have in your cabinet for the model, you should then select the product.

  • Check the capacity

Another important thing to check before you buy this product is the capacity for cooking it has. If you require a small model then you should buy one with less cooking capacity and the opposite if you require big models.

  • Check the features

Separate models have separate features. You need to check them thoroughly and then buy one which suits your requirement. Otherwise, your purchase would be a complete misfit.

  • Color options

There are not plenty of color options, however, black and silver models are the common color options available. You must select a model that suits your preference.

Worrying about where to Buy from?

If you are worrying about where to buy these models from, then we can assure you that you need not worry. McCoy Mart is there to buy from! It is a trustworthy online store that has many products from kitchen accessories to sanitaryware, furniture to home appliances. You can buy them at proper discounts if you have a pro account. You can also buy either from the browser or the app. Besides that, you can know about the Bosch built in microwave price of various models. You can also check the specification and glimpse through the plethora of products that it has got. So why worry when McCoy Mart is there? Head to the store to purchase the preferable product of your choice.