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Bosch Built-in Oven

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Buy Bosch Ovens Online At Best Price

One of the essential additions to any kitchen is its oven. They can be used to cook various foods and provide you with great results every time you're cooking. Depending on your space, you can choose an individual unit that works with single or double ovens. One of the best brands in the business out there is Bosch. They're known for creating some of the most ergonomic electrical ovens in the business. The Bosch Built-in Oven is an excellent investment, and you can choose from a beautiful range available in their stainless steel collection.

Before you head out to get yourself a nice one, you must first understand how the oven will be used. Unlike standard cookers, they don't stand freely. Most built-ins are set up in a housing unit that is column-style and convenient, even if you have your fitted kitchen. They can be slotted at eye level or even under the counter, and you'll require a hob to help in stovetop cooking.

What Are The Various Types in This Product Category?

There are various types of Bosch Electrical Ovens that you can choose from. They are compact and perfect if the space is generally tight and you're cooking for not more than two to three people. If you also spend less time in the kitchen, then a single style one is perfect and can be slotted right below the counter. The double Bosch Convection Oven is used for entertainment and cooking and is a better choice if you're cooking for family or entertaining guests at home. They offer a higher level of versatility and are perfect for families. There are mainly two types available, and they generally measure 90 cm and can be placed at eye level. These double ones tend to be much roomier than the smaller double units built under the counter. You're better off working with a larger single style that provides more space for the Sunday roast. The under-counter model doesn't mean that the size doubles. Some models come with a smaller capacity for a second option, which can be suitable for mainly grilling purposes than cooking larger dishes. The Bosch Integrated Oven is a good idea for those who have larger families and enjoy hosting parties for many people.

The Bosch Series 8 Ovens are another style that can be used to grill and cook for many people. These are some of the top-end in the market, and they are designed purely for comfort in cooking over any other property.

Things to Consider Before You Make up Your Mind and Select This Item

  • Smart ovens

The Bosch units also double up as smart options and have intelligent controls, so you enjoy a more customized experience. Depending on how you want to use them, they can be purchased and operated. With the knobs available, you can program your settings to ensure the experience is smoother and more enjoyable. They can also be used in a more manual setting similar to a standard one.

  • Installation process

The process to install these units are relatively straightforward, and they can easily fit into the kitchen cabinets based on the design. Of course, it requires more than just plugging in and slotting as the units can sometimes be too powerful to slot in. You can check with a manufacturer to understand this process better. They need to be in the correct size for space you're using, with surrounding spaces making it easier to fully open the door.

You can also check if space is near a power supply that needs to be used and whether there's enough space so it is correctly installed. A platform that's strong enough to support the unit's weight with enough clearance is needed, and this needs to also meet the manufacturer's safety guidelines. Getting it installed by us at McCoy Mart is something we strongly recommend for your ease of comfort.

  • Functioning

Depending on how you'd like to use it, you can choose from the various features, so you know what's correctly included in the product line. It's crucial that you also understand the functioning so that any mishaps are avoided in the future. The Bosch Ovens in India come with their own set of functional assets, making them some of the most coveted in the business. Primarily, they have a rapid heating-up option, which means you can set the temperature to your liking and the device properly does it within a matter of seconds. There is also a cooling fan set up inside, so any heating is taken care of whenever needed. The electrical convection ensures no problems as it can be plugged and switched on with ease.

The Bosch Ovens also come with a simple to configure and use rotary control knob, ensuring that you can set it according to what works best for you. The Bar Handle is a great addition so that you don't run the risk of getting your fingers burnt or heated in any manner. The open door also comes with a drop-down door and an inner glass option so you can see your food being cooked and take care of it whenever you need to.

Why Purchase Your Kitchen Appliances from Us?

With these options, it becomes easy to see why you should settle with a useful built-in oven. They can take care of all your primary options and ensure that all your grilling and cooking needs are well taken care of. Head over to McCoy Mart, place your order, and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience for all your home electrical and electronic needs!

Best Selling Bosch Oven Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Serie-2 Built-in Oven 60 cm Stainless Steel (66 Litre)
(595 H x 594 W x 548 D) mm
Rs. 51,300
Serie-2 Built-in Oven 3.3 KW 60 cm Stainless Steel (66 Litre)
(595 H x 594 W x 548 D) mm
Rs. 58,900
Serie-2 Built-in Oven 2.95 KW 60 cm Stainless Steel (66 Litre)
(595 H x 594 W x 548 D) mm
Rs. 72,865
Serie-4 Built-in Oven 60 cm - Stainless Steel (71 Litre)
(595 H x 594 W x 548 D) mm
Rs. 79,135
Serie-8 Built-in oven 60 cm - Stainless steel (71 Litre)
(595 H x 594 W x 548 D) mm
Rs. 112,100