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Bosch Kitchen Chimney

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Best Offer On Bosch Kitchen Chimney Available on McCoy Mart

Vents are used in the kitchen to keep your cooking room free from oil, smudge, and foul odor. It also exhales the warm air that persists after cooking, preventing your room from becoming a heat chamber. Vents have become an indispensable part of the modern cooking room. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and colors. There are broadly two types of hood; a wall-mounted one and a suspended or ceiling mounted hood. The corner-mounted hoods are also increasing in popularity. Bosch has been manufacturing various appliances for a long time. The Bosch Electric Chimney is a part of many households. They deliver an effective and proper quality product. Besides providing an excellent functional duct, they also manufacture them using various finishes. The vents are available in many colors and shapes.

Various Vents have Various Features. However, Some Basic Features are Common to all. Some of the Features of Vents from this Company are:

  • Keeps your kitchen clean

A Bosch Island Chimney keeps your kitchen tidy. It removes foul odor and oil, and dirt from the cooking area.

  • Low noise

Anything that is noisy distracts you a lot. Vents producing less noise will allow you to cook peacefully. It will also help you to maintain your concentration while you cook.

  • Resistant to rust

The Vents from this company are resistant to rust. This makes your duct remain as it is for years. It does not destroy the look of your cooking room. They have a steel finish that protects them from corrosion.

  • Have great suction power

A Bosch Chimney 90cm has got excellent suction power of 800m'/hr. They drag out smoke very efficiently.

  • Proper mesh used

The mesh that is used in the vents are of high quality. They ensure the appropriate elimination of oil and dirt. They are also very easy to clean.

  • Baffled filter

The Bosch Chimney 60cm comes with a three-layered baffle filter. The filter is placed such that it covers the full burner area. It helps in the complete eradication of smoke, heat, oil from your cooking room. It is also ideal for Indian cooking rooms that use oil and spices mainly. These filters are suitable during frying.

Why is it the Best Brand?

The Bosch Chimney Hoods are considered the best brand for the integrity of the product they manufacture. Besides being effective, the vents are stylish too. This makes them much more dependable in the market. Moreover, there are various types of models from which you can choose one. Distinct colors and mounts are also available. They have been manufacturing ducts for a long time, and many people have used them. This makes their product trustworthy. All these collectively make Bosch Auto Clean Chimney evolve as the best brand.

You need to keep in mind specific pointers while buying a Bosch Filterless Chimney or a filtered one. Keeping these things in mind will help you to have a proper purchase without regrets.

The Things That You Should Not Forget to consider are:

  • Type of mount

Before buying a vent, you must be aware of the various kinds of mounts available. To do this, you need to consider first the size and space that your cooking room has. If your cooktop is near the wall, you have to get a wall-mounted vent. If your cooking room has an island and your cooktop is there, you can choose the ceiling-mounted vent. If your cooktop is at a corner, then you can opt for a corner-mounted vent. Whatever the case may be, you have to consider the cooking room area and cooktop first to select the mount type.

  • Type of filters

Vent filters can be categorized into three types, cassette filter, carbon filter, and baffle filter. A baffle filter is an ideal match for Modular Kitchen. Cassette filter is made of aluminum mesh; baffle filter has a curved structure that helps pass the smoke, carbon filters are made from black charcoal. You should select a filter depending upon your requirement.

  • Power of Suction

Suction power is the essential thing you need to check before buying a vent. The suction power is responsible for taking out the smoke and dirt, and oil from the cooking area. If you have heavy use, then you need to have a duct with excellent suction power. The ordinary cooking room will require a standard-sized vent. Select the suction power depending on your requirement.

  • Size of the Vent

The vent size is another thing that you have to check mandatorily. You can buy a 60cm or a 90cm, depending on the space available in your home.

  • Cost

Vents are costly, yet if you invest once, you will get a long term benefit. You can check out Bosch Chimney 90cm Price at McCoy Mart.

  • Design and color

Design and color are two things that you need to select either according to your taste or according to your cooking room's decor. There are plenty of colors and shapes that are available in the market. It would be best if you chose from it. Even there are various designs of vents nowadays from which you can select. As the hood will determine in enhancing the look of your cooking room, you must choose a design accordingly.

Why Choose This Product from Us?

You should choose McCoy Mart to know the online Bosch kitchen chimney price. The vent price varies from one model to another, depending on the features they are enabled with. McCoy Mart is a trustworthy online store from where you can buy various items. They are a one-stop solution for all your needs. You can compare the Bosch Kitchen Chimney Price with other brands and then buy. You can also browse through many vents' designs from this company and then finalize the one you want to buy. So why wait? Head to McCoy Mart to purchase the duct of your choice.

Best Selling Bosch Chimney Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Dimensions Starting Price
Serie-2 Crystal Craft Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney - 60 cm (Clear Glass)
(594 H x 600 W x 520 D) mm
Rs. 21,375
Serie-2 Mech Master Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney - 60 cm (Stainless Steel)
(550-830 H x 598 W x 500 D) mm
Rs. 22,135
Serie-4 Angle Flow Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney - 90 cm (Black)
(500 H x 900 W x 480 D) mm
Rs. 41,705
Serie-8 Angle Flow Wall Mounted Kitchen Chimney - 90 cm (Black)
(800 H x 895 W x 435 D) mm
Rs. 56,905
Serie-4 Super Glass Island Kitchen Chimney - 120 cm (Stainless Steel)
(1000 H x 1175 W x 610 D) mm
Rs. 65,740