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Choose From The Best Range of Cera Kitchen Sink Taps Available Online at McCoy Mart

Cooking room faucets are the primary source of water in the room for washing and rinsing. It is an essential piece of an item that your cooking room must have. Often this piece is neglected, and very ordinary products appear to be a misfit or do not work for a long time. While choosing a cooking room faucet, you must be careful about the brand and the quality of the product. It would be best if you opted for the Cera kitchen sink tap as it is one of the best brands and manufactures items catering to the customer's needs. Not only that, they produce models of various shapes and types. Besides that, they are also available in all leading online and offline stores.

Features you Need to Check out

The features differentiate one product from the other. Some standard features are the same for all the models. However, some features are unique to a product. The features that a Cera sink tap has got are as follows:

  • Some of the models are monobloc spouts, while some are pillar taps and deck mixer taps. They ensure that it meets your requirement and there is a proper supply of water.
  • The spouts have a silver finishing which protects it from rusting as it is always exposed to water.
  • All the models are made from brass which is sturdy as well as long-lasting.
  • The models are of various sizes depending on the type of shape. The pillar models have a long water output area.
  • The knobs are designed in many shapes and techniques. While some use the traditional rotating technique, some have a flip-flap opening tap.
  • The Cera kitchen tap comes with varying warranty periods. However, most of the models from this company have a fifteen-year warranty.
  • Some of the models have a rotating neck which helps you to turn it in the direction you want the water to flow.
  • The Cera kitchen sink mixer taps have a special feature that mixes both hot and normal water before it comes out from the faucet.

Why Rely on Cera?

Cera is one of the best brands for sanitary ware available in the market. Besides being the best brand they are also the best selling brand available in the market. The reasons for which you should rely on Cera best kitchen sink taps are as follows:

  • It is an old brand manufacturing many types of bathing items for a long time.
  • They deliver quality products which are made from proper high-grade material.
  • The models are sturdy and do not rust easily.
  • They are a senior company and have been manufacturing products since 1980.
  • They cater to the needs of the customer before manufacturing.
  • Their products are a complete fusion of technology and innovation.
  • Other than the cooking room faucets they manufacture wash basins, commodes, urinals, spouts, and bathroom mirrors, which are a common necessity for all toilets.
  • The company has also received critical acclamation and many awards for delivering quality products.

All these are why you should rely on Cera as these are the reasons that make it evolve as the best brand in the market.

Things to Assess Before Buying

As you proceed to buy Cera commercial kitchen sink taps you need to assess certain things to have a proper purchase. The model you buy should fit in your cooking room and add elegance to it. It shouldn't be a misfit. To avoid any wrong purchase the things you need to consider for buying a cooking room faucet are:

  • Type

As discussed earlier, there are three types of sports available in the market. You need to choose one which will be ideal for your basin. There are wall-mounted models also which are the traditional form of spouts. It would be best if you considered the types properly and then proceed to buy the model suitable for your cooking room.

  • Material

Almost all the faucets are made from brass which makes the model sturdy, lasts long, and avoids corrosion. As it is always exposed to water, the models are also made of stainless steel at certain times. You need to check the material with which it is made before buying, which will ensure you a proper purchase.

  • Finishing

The finishing of all the faucets in chrome, which is silver in color. They are provided with a mirror finish because being exposed to water always makes them prone to rust, and this finishing protects them from it.

  • Price

The price of spouts varies from model to model. However, they are not overpriced. You can buy one very quickly from any online or offline store. They are pocket-friendly; you need not dig much into your pocket for buying it.

  • Knobs

Some of the knobs are the traditional rotating ones, while others are of the flip-flap type. You can select anyone as per your choice.

  • Rotation

Some of the cooking room faucets have a rotating feature that makes your spout move in all directions. You can quickly turn it to any side depending on your need. You must check the specification before buying a tap to check whether it has the rotating feature or not.

Why Should your Destination to Buy Faucets be McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart is an online store where you can buy plenty of products from hardware to furniture and sanitaryware to kitchen appliances. It is an A-Z solution for all your needs. You can browse through many products and buy one that meets your requirement. You can also know about the Cera sink tap price and compare it with other brands also. If you have a pro account, you can also get proper discounts from the store. You can use both the browser and the app for purchasing! When you are getting so many facilities, then why should not your destination be McCoy Mart? Head to McCoy Mart to buy the product of your choice!

Best Cera Kitchen Sink Taps Price List at McCoy Mart

Latest Models Starting Price
Cera Quarter Turn Faucets Garnet Sink Cock Wall Mounted 150 mm (6'') Long Swivel Spout And Wall Flange
Rs. 1,535
Cera Gayle Sink Cock Wall Mounted Single Lever Faucet
Rs. 2,220
Cera Gayle Pillar Cock Swan Neck Spout And Aerator Single Lever Faucet
Rs. 2,555
Cera Single Lever Faucet Gayle Pillar Cock 310 mm (12.5'') Long Extended Body With Aerator
Rs. 3,760