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Cico Waterproofing

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Buy Cico Waterproofing Online At Affordable Price

The water-repellent chemical is helpful to prevent leakages and soaking. You can seal your concrete so that it becomes difficult for liquid to enter the surface. You can rely on cico waterproofing chemicals as they are long-lasting and durable. Moreover, the anti-carbonation properties in its composition make it an excellent moisture resistance. They neither crack or peel of once hardened.

You can also easily apply them on any vertical surface like concrete, tile, plaster, masonry, mastic coating, and metal. You can buy this chemical from any offline or online store and specifically from McCoy Mart. They are obtainable in various volumes and types. The two commonly accessible types are acrylic and polyurethane polymer. However, before purchasing you should know about the features it has got.

Note the Features Of Cico Waterproofing Chemical

The features make it easy for you to understand how the product is. You should know the properties before buying as it will help you to buy the accurate one. The noteworthy characteristics of this product are:

  • Leakage prevention: Often, your roof, and terrace have water leaking problems, and that's quite common. However, this product can fix it. It has got excellent quality plugging compounds that bond well with the concrete. It can even bridge gaps and cracks very easily.
  • Fast bonding: Certain synthetics take much time to bond with the surface it is applied on. However, this product takes just twenty to forty seconds to bond with the surface. Thus, you do not need to be tensed of its drying. Moreover, as soon as the cico roof waterproofing elements dry, it forms a hard coat. It also prevents salt penetration into the concrete.
  • Usage: You can use this product for roof and construction work. It provides an effective solution to liquid soaking and leakages. You can also use them in external or internal structures which are exposed to moisture constantly. Areas like water reservoirs and swimming pools can also be coated with this chemical. Moreover, this product is ideal for chemical plants and oil refineries where fungus growth is dangerous.
  • Long-lasting: The cico tapecrete lasts long due to the presence of high-quality chemicals. Moreover, it has anti-carbonation properties and is vapor vulnerable. Thus, it prevents cracking, peeling, and blistering.
  • Compatibility: The liquid penetration resistance from this company is compatible with almost all types of construction material.
  • Form: The chemicals are available in liquid form in drums. You can get them in various volumes too.
  • Resistance: The cico tapecrete waterproofing is resistant to liquids, alkaline, and any fungal growth. If you have or plan for a terrace garden, apply this product to get the best result. Apart from that, this product can also endure high expansion and contraction of any structure.

Know The Reasons Why CICO is the Best Brand

Several reasons make cico waterproofing the best. Besides being good in quality, their product is durable too. Know about the other reasons below:

  • The company produces chemicals that are a perfect fusion of new technology and experience.
  • They are in the construction field for a long time, since 1930. Thus, many people trust their products.
  • With much research and innovation, they create customer-friendly products. Moreover, the synthetics are resistant to liquid, alkaline, and other substances too.
  • The chemical dries fast, forming a hard layer which neither cracks nor flakes. As a result, it expands the longevity of the item.
  • This brand also manufactures other necessary construction chemicals. Moreover, they have a vast range of protective coating solutions.
  • Their products are equally effective on old buildings and new constructions too. Furthermore, they bond with all types of surfaces.

Key Features of Cico Waterproofing

  • Excellent quality plugging compound.
  • High early strength plugging is completed within 20-40 seconds.
  • Type: Acrylic & Polyurethane Polymer
  • Usage: Roofs and Construction Work
  • Most properties improve with age.
  • Reduces or prevents salt penetration into the concrete.

Check the Things To Consider Before Buying

As you plan to buy the cico roof waterproofing, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Check them properly so that you don't regret them later. The things to consider before buying this protective coating are:

  • Volume: The product is available in two types of volumes. They are 22 kg drums and 50-liter drums. You can choose one depending on the type of your requirement. You can consult your technician if you are unsure about which volume to buy.
  • Crack bridging capacity: Generally, the crack-bridging capacity of the product is 3 to 5 mm. However, you should check the product description to know more about it.
  • Price: The cico tapecrete p151 price is high. However, being a one-time investment, you can buy it. You only dig into your pocket once to get a permanent solution to leakage for years.
  • Type: There are two types of this product obtainable. They are acrylic and polyurethane polymer. You should consult your technician to know which type to buy.
  • Usage: Generally, this product is suitable for multiple uses. However, check whether you can apply it on roofs, terraces, and any surface exposed to chemicals and liquids.
  • Durability: The chemical, once hardened, has a long life. Still, you should inquire about the durability from the specification column.

Enquire About the Cico Tapecrete Price Online From McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart should be your ideal destination to buy waterproofing solutions. It is a store hosting several brands and products. Apart from that, you can read about the specifications, know the price, compare with other brands, and buy the item. Furthermore, the store offers you flat discounts on all purchases. Thus, you can purchase everything you need from this store. Nonetheless, if you own a pro account, you will get heavy rebates. So, check the price and grab your leakage prevention synthetic.