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Faber Built-in Oven

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Buy Faber Built-In Oven Online At McCoy Mart

Built-In OTG has gained much popularity in the past few years. They have made a place in both residences and commercial kitchens. They are available in numerous sizes and you can buy them according to your need. They are not that colorful, yet you get some color options from which you can choose and buy. They are not only catering to the needs of the customer and manufacturing products but also fusing innovation and technology to deliver the best item they can. You can buy Faber built-in oven from both online and offline stores. Faber is a senior and trustworthy brand that manufactures other kitchen appliances than OTG.

Know the Features of this Product

The features make a product different from the other. The Faber inbuilt oven has many features. While some of them are common to all models, some features are unique. The characteristics of these products are:

FPO 611 BK Built-in Oven - Black (80 Litre)

  • This model has a full black finish with a cooking capacity of 80 liters.
  • It has a sensor touch with a TFT display.
  • There are ten cooking functions that this oven performs, like, convection with both top and bottom heating, surface grilling, fan assisted grilling, pizza baking, fast cooking, delicate cooking, multi cooking, defrosting.
  • This model is also equipped with a digital timer with auto cut-off.
  • Accessories like one grill rack, one universal pan, and rotisserie are attached with this model.
  • It also has a memory function, reminder function, and child lock system. There is also a speed cook function which makes the model demandable.
  • The door plate is of the 3D layer.
  • The wattage of the bulb attached to the model is 25 W.
  • The width, depth, and height of the model are 594 mm, 568 mm, and 595 mm respectively.

FPO 681 SS Built-in Oven - Silver (83 Litre)

  • This Faber inbuilt Oven it has a cooking capacity of 83 liters and comes in a silver finish with sensor touch and knob interference.
  • The finishing of the model is of black glass and Stainless steel trim finish.
  • It is equipped with auto cooking and has eighteen cooking functions like upper mode, lower mode, convection, large grill, single-mode, top and bottom heat, defrosting.
  • It has a digital timer with auto cutoff.
  • Among the accessories that it has been one divide, one probe, two grilling racks, two baking trays, and one rotisserie.
  • Besides having a child lock and safety switch, it also has a reminder function, memory function, and cooling system.
  • The inside of the ovens are enameled which ensures easy cooking.
  • The width, depth, and height of the model are 594 mm, 568 mm, and 594 mm respectively.

FBIO 80L 4F Built-in Oven - Black (80 Litre)

  • This Faber integrated Oven has a cooking capacity of 80 liters with a black finish.
  • The functions that this model is equipped with are grilling, conventional heating, fan with top-bottom heat.
  • The control of this model is a knob.
  • The accessories that are accompanied by the model are a tray holder, a grill rack, a baking or drip tray.
  • The size of the oven is, width 594 mm, depth 548 mm, height 594 mm.
  • The handle for opening the OTG is a bar made of aluminum.
  • The controlling knob is operated using a pull or push.
  • The door of the OTG is made from three-layered glass.
  • The model has got a one-year warranty.
  • The inside of the model has an enamel coating which makes the cleaning easier.

Why should you Trust Faber?

Faber best built-in oven is trustworthy because it is one of the best brands which manufactures items that last long. Besides that, they create products that are made from high-grade materials. The other reasons for which you must trust Faber are:

  • They produce items that are a fusion of innovation and modern technology.
  • Their products are available in all leading online and offline stores.
  • They also manufacture other products like a chimney, induction, and other cooking appliances which have made them evolve as a trustworthy brand.
  • Their products have plenty of options from which you can choose the one you think will be ideal for you.
  • It is a multinational company which has it's factories across the globe, and you will get world-class products for your kitchen.

All these factors together make this brand evolve as the best brand, and thus you must trust this brand, as it is also one of the best selling brands.

Factors to Check before Purchasing

There are plenty of factors that you need to check before you buy a Faber built-in electric oven. Checking them will ensure that you have a proper purchase and that shall not be a misfit. The factors you need to check before buying are:

  • Size

Size is the crucial factor you need to consider while buying an OTG. The size of the oven must be such that it fits in the cabinet or shelf. You have to check the size of the cabinet or shelf at first before you consider the size of the model. Doing so will ensure you a perfect purchase which will not be a misfit for your kitchen.

  • Features

The features are another important aspect that need to be checked. You need to see the specifications that are for the model and decide which is the ideal one. If you have some preferences, you should also match them with the features available.

Buy an OTG from McCoy Mart

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