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Godrej Biometric Locker

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Choose From The Best Range of Godrej Biometric Locker Available Online at McCoy Mart

Are you searching for vaults to store valuables and documents? Don't worry; buy a Godrej biometric locker and secure your valuables properly. They are vaults with a strong body that safeguards your items properly. Besides that, many features make them much more efficient. The models have a trendy look which allows them to fit into any decor.

Moreover, you will get them at all online and offline stores, especially at McCoy Mart. The products are trustworthy as they are a perfect blend of quality and innovation. They are found in many sizes and shapes, and there are also various color options. 

Here are the Features That The Godrej Fingerprint Locker Have

You must know about the different features that these types of vaults have. If you know them, it will be easy for you to buy a model, checking that the features it has match your requirement. The notable features are: 

  • Durability: The models of Godrej biometric safe are strong enough and are ten times more powerful than the wooden safes. Being sturdy, it can not easily tamper, and it lasts for a very long time. You can easily keep your valuable items protected in it.
  • Biometric lock: The most unique and the main feature of the model is the biometric lock. You can use your fingerprint to open it. As fingerprints are used, they are much safer than the key or keypad vaults. It is challenging to open the vault by placing the proper fingerprint. It secures your valuables in a much proper way.
  • Fingerprint saving capacity: The Godrej filo biometric 40 safe locker and other models have a capacity of saving 30 fingerprints so that your family members or office staff who require access to the files or documents can place their fingerprints and use the vault.
  • Motorized locking: The motorized locking ensures fool-proof safety than the solenoid models. This effectively secures your locking system, and it cannot be easily broken. 
  • Low battery indicator: The Godrej forte 40 biometric safe locker and other models have a low battery indicator that makes you aware when the battery is very low. You can change the battery or do the needful and make your vault resume its functioning again. 
  • Override key: The override key allows you to access your documents or valuables during emergencies. They are a mechanism that allows you to open the vault or close it using a key. If you're in a hurry or the battery has been entirely out of life, you can use this override key to access your locker. 
  • Nonvolatile memory: The nonvolatile memory of the Godrej filo biometric 55 safe and other models is of great use. You don't need to set passwords again when you change the battery. This feature allows the model to remember your password even after significant changes in the setup.
  • Easy to install: The models are easy to install and can be kept either in the cabinet or on tabletops. They don't need extra space to be stored in. You can easily keep them anywhere plausible to you. 
  • Color: Generally, the models are colored black, silver, and white, but there are other color options also available for the models. You can buy them either by matching them with the decor of your room or by your preference. The trendy and smart look of the models enhances the look of your room. 

Know the Reasons Why Godrej Biometric Safe Locker is the Best Brand

The vaults from this company are not only the best selling but also the best brand because:

  • Their products are a proper fusion of innovation and technology.
  • They deliver quality products, and they are long-lasting.
  • They are available in many colors, and you can choose any one depending on your preference. 
  • The Godrej locker biometric is equipped with a low battery indicator that awards you when the battery percentage has gone down.
  • An override key allows you to access the vault during emergence when the fingerprint does not work due to battery faults.
  • You can easily install the models anywhere you want as they are easy to store. 
  • The models have a nonvolatile memory which is very helpful during battery changes. You don't need to assign new passwords. 

All these reasons make people depend on this brand and, in a way, make this brand evolve as the best brand. Thus, you can trust this brand properly. 

Look at the Things You Need to Check and Consider Before Buying Godrej Lockers with Fingerprint

There are certain things that you need to consider while buying a digital vault. This will help you to have a proper purchase without regret. The things to check before buying are: 

  • Size: The Size is a prime factor you need to check before buying. There are several sized models, and you can buy any one of them. The size is measured using liters. If you need to store many items like jewelry and documents in the office, you need a big model; otherwise, medium-sized models will do for home unless the family is a big one.
  • Features: There are several features that the models have, and you need to check them before buying. Checking them will make sure that the features the model is having are adequate for your use. You must check the specifications to know more about the features. 

Inquire About Godrej Fingerprint Locker Price from McCoy Mart

McCoy Mart is an online store from where you can buy products of various types. From hardware to sanitary ware, furniture to appliances, you can get A to Z of your requirement from this store. You can also inquire about the price of the digital vaults before buying. You can even check the price list of the models. Either the app or the browser can be used for buying. You can get good discounts if you have a pro account. Else, there are flat discount percentages that you get as you purchase items from this store.


  • Material - Mild Steel
  • Type - Biometric
  • Non Volatile Memory
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • 30 Fingerprints
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Motorised locking mechanism

Godrej Biometric Locker Price List

Godrej Biometric Locker
Dimensions Starting Price
Godrej E-Bio Home Locker - Black
(H) 7.87 x (W) 16.53 x (D) 14.56 inches
Rs. 10,998
Godrej Forte Pro Bio 25L Grey Home Locker
(D) 370 x (W) 420 x (H) 200 mm
Rs. 13,699
Godrej Ritz Bio With Hidden Compartment Home Locker
(H) 330 x (W) 400 x (D) 325 mm
Rs. 21,999
Godrej Forte Pro Bio 25L Grey Home Locker
(D) 370 x (W) 420 x (H) 200 mm
Rs. 13,429