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Godrej Digital Locks

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Rs. 41,000.00 Rs. 34,645.00 16% off
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Best Offer On Godrej Digital Locks Available on McCoy Mart

Digital locks have been in demand for a long time due to their utility and easy to use and installation. Godrej Digital Locks are very efficient, and you can trust them. They can be fitted on both offices and houses to ensure safety. You can fit them on interior doors and main doors. They are available in various types. While some have a keypad opening, some open using biometrics, and some have a combined latching that opens with both fingerprint and key or password and key. The models are available in all leading online and offline stores. You can get them very easily. They are available in various shapes and mostly in silver or black color. They are incorporated with many features. The models are a perfect fusion of technology with innovation.

Glance Through the Features of the Godrej Digital Door Locks

The features differentiate one product from another. You should know about the features properly before buying so that you can buy one that will be ideal for your house or office. The features of the various models are: 

Advantis Techno Secure Digital Door Latch

  • This Digital Lock Godrej has got a 360-degree fingerprint registration facility.
  • It is equipped with access mode and privacy functions.
  • There are multi-level volume controls that you can get in the model.
  • Even there is an emergency battery for backup. 
  • There is an adjustable spy code, mechanical key attached to this model.
  • It has a low battery indicator that informs you about the battery status when it goes down.
  • There are multi-touch functions and break-in damage alarms in the model. 
  • Besides auto-locking, the fire alarm is also present in this latch.
  • The password that has to be set can be between 4 to 12 digits. 
  • It is ideal for door thickness between 40 mm to 50 mm and doors made from metal or wood.

Digital Cabinet Lock, Matt Black

  • This model allows you to set a password within four to nine digits.
  • You can set up fourteen passwords with various combinations.
  • There is a low battery indicator that makes a beep sound to alert you.
  • The battery is not included in the pack.
  • Both auto and manual locking mechanisms are used for this model. 
  • If anyone tries to tamper with the model, then the break-in damage alarm alerts you.
  • The model is enabled with the OTP feature, which generates pins for guests without revealing the original password.
  • If a wrong password is entered consecutively three times, then the owner is alerted.

Advantis Rimtronic RF (Pin + RFID) Digital Rim Door Lock, Black

  • This model allows you to set a password varying from four-digit to twelve digits.
  • There is a low battery indicator that makes a beep sound when the battery life is down.
  • The model is equipped with multi-touch functions.
  • There is also a multilevel volume control attached to the model.
  • You can use a 9 V emergency battery if the battery life is completely down.
  • Modern features like adjustable spy code and fire sensor are equipped with this model.
  • It is made from ABS plastic. 

Advantis Biometric Digital Door Lock

  • This Godrej Main Door Digital Lock allows you to register fingerprints in 360 degrees.
  • Modern features like access mode, privacy function, multi-level volume control are equipped with this model.
  • An external emergency battery can be used in case the battery life of the model is exhausted.
  • You can use RFID cards to open the latch.
  • There is an adjustable spy code and mechanical key attached to the model.
  • You will also get a low battery indication when the battery life goes out.
  • If anyone tries to tamper with the latch, the break-in alarm will make you aware. 
  • There is a fire alarm also attached to the model.
  • You can set a password of the length ranging between 4 to 12 digits.

Thinking Why Godrej Door Locks Digital is the Best? Here are the Reasons

The latches from this company are reliable because of the quality of the product. You will find their product available in all online and offline stores. Moreover, they are made from quality materials which ensure their longevity. The latches have several unique features that make them exclusive and allow them to work efficiently. Godrej is not only the best brand but also the best selling brand in the market. This ensures reliance on this brand and makes it evolve as the best brand in the market. 

Factors to Check Before Buying Digital Door Lock Godrej

There are certain things that you need to consider before buying a digital latch from this company. If you check those things and buy them, you will have a proper purchase without regret. The things to consider before buying are: 

Types of latches: There are many types of digital latches. Some have password opening technology, some have password and fingerprint opening technology, others have only password opening technology, and the rest have either biometric opening with a key or card or password. You need to decide first which type of product you will buy. This is the crucial thing to decide.

Features: Various models are equipped with various features. You need to check the specifications to know about the features and become sure whether you need them or not, whether only those features will be apt for you or not. Remember to check the features in detail before buying.

Price: The latches from this company are a bit costly, but you will not regret it if you invest once and buy. The cost of the models varies from one product to another. You need to fix a budget and then search for models within it.

Inquire About the Godrej Digital Lock Price from McCoy Mart

If you want to know about the price of the models from this company, you can directly visit McCoy Mart. It is an online store from where you can buy many types of products. You can also check the specifications and get bulk discounts if you have a pro account. Either the app or the browser can be used for the purchase of these latches. Hurry, and buy your one from McCoy Mart!


  • Adjustable Spycode
  • Autolocking
  • Mechanical Key
  • Low Battery Indication
  • Access Mode password
  • Multi-level Volume Control
  • Fair Sensor
  • RFID Card Multi-user access

Godrej Digital Locks Price List

Godrej Digital Locks
Godrej Digital Cabinet Lock, Matt Black
0.445 Kg
Rs. 7,900
Godrej Advantis Rimtronic RF (Pin + RFID) Digital Rim Door Lock, Black
1.37 Kg
Rs. 13,500
Godrej Advantis Crystal (Pin + RFID) Digital Rim Glass Door Lock, Black
1.5 Kg
Rs. 26,000
Godrej Advantis Technosecure Digital Door Lock
Rs. 31,590
Godrej Advantis Biometric Digital Door Lock
Rs. 35,880

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