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JK Cement White Cement

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Buy JK Cement White Cement Online At Affordable Price

White cement becomes a must during decorative works. It gives a smooth finish and elegant look to your wall or floor. You can trust JK white cement while you are planning a renovation or building a new house. It is very good at fixing marbles and tiles. Besides being waterproof, the product is also very reasonable. You can use them for both exterior and interior decoration. It is also used to fix fancy decorative items and fillers near the window and doors. The white cement JK price is very reasonable. Even the company manufactures this product at a grand scale in many sizes. They are not only effective but long-lasting too at all prestige construction projects.

Discover the Features That JK white portland cement Has!

There are many features of this mortar. You must know them all before buying. It will help you to use it accurately during application and later too. The notable features of JK cement putty are: 

  • Sturdiness: The mortar is sturdy and can bear external attacks on walls. It can even tolerate regular heat, rain, storms, and severe natural calamities. Its durability makes it last for a long time without too much maintenance. 
  • Glossy effect: As this mortar is used to bond decorative items in a room, its polish matters a lot. JK wall putty white cement has a shiny finish that matches with the tiles and marbles. It also acts as a good base for paints and gives the same polished finish.  
  • Reasonable: You need not dig much into your pocket because the JK Birla white cement price is affordable. They are available in small and large packets at a pocket-friendly cost that doesn't create a burden on you.   
  • Fillers: Another essential feature of this product is its use as a filler near windows and doors. Apart from that, you can use this concrete as fillers if you have cracks and holes in your wall. You can also use them to smoother any uneven surface. Besides that, you can fix the broken tiles and marble surfaces using this product. 
  • High bonding: The mortar has a high adhesive quality. Thus, it can hold tiles and marbles, and other decorative items appropriately for a long time. Other than that, this product can also mix well with different substrates. 
  • Whiteness: The name of this product itself suggests the whiteness it can have. Generally, the product from this company has a whiteness of more than 89 percent. 
  • High compressive strength: The compressive strength of JK Lakshmi white cement varies from day one to month. The compressive strength remains 21 Mpa after day one and 38 Mpa after day two. However, it turns 61 Mpa after day seven and 74 Mpa after a month. 
  • Very fine: You need not worry about the fineness of the mortar from this company. It has a fineness of 370 to 400 Blaine. 
  • Waterproof: Being resistant to water, you can apply this product anywhere. It is especially suitable in kitchens and bathrooms. Faucets can have a polished finishing and attain sturdiness with this mortar. Moreover, it is also used to fix sinks and kitchen table tops too. 

Know Why This Brand is Always On Top!

As the JK cement wall putty price is pocket-friendly, everyone buys it when required. It is one of the primary reasons why this brand is always on top! Besides that, the products they manufacture are also of high quality. They are available in all online stores, especially in McCoy Mart. Moreover, having excellent durability, this product is preferred by many. JK is a trustworthy brand producing hardware items for a long time. They blend their experience with the new technology to create user-friendly products. Besides being available in one kg packets, the mortar is also accessible at five kg packets. You have the flexibility to choose one that suits your needs. All these collectively make this brand the best! 

Create a Checklist With the Pointers Below to Consider Before Buying!

You must consider some points before buying a JK wall cement. It will help you to get the perfect product without regret. The things to check before buying are: 

  • Longevity: You should check how durable the mortar is before buying the product. Head to the specifications column to know more about the durability of the product. The more durable the item is, the lengthier it will last. 
  • Price: In general, the cost of this product is not much. However, you must check how many bucks you need to spend while buying it. The JK white cement price is affordable, and thus, you can buy it in a tension-free way. 
  • Fineness: The mortar is always excellent because it has to mix with other substrates. Though every packet of this product is fine, you must still check the specifications to know more about the fineness of the product. 
  • Size: JK cement wall putty is available in many-sized packets. You can choose the one that meets your needs. Besides being available in a pack of three, each bag containing 1 kg mortar is also accessible in 5 kg bags. 

Get Discounted JK cement putty price at McCoy Mart!

Try your luck by buying products from McCoy Mart. It is an online store from where you can get products ranging from appliances to hardware, furniture, and accessories! Apart from that, you can get flat discounts on each product you buy. If you have a pro account, you can get GST invoices and bulk discounts. The JK white cement putty price is also available at a discount. Don't miss the chance. Grab the product you want fast!


  • High durability
  • Higher gloss effect and smoother wall finish
  • Greater economic value.
  • Filler for all minor hair cracks
  • Superior quality limestone
  • Active bonding agents
  • Strengthens the application
  • Sparkling witness